Village of Alamance 2022 Fee Schedule

General Fees

General FeesFY 2021-2022
Photo Copies$0.15
Notary Public$5

Finance Department Fees

Finance Department FeesFY 2021-2022
Returned Check Fee$25
Recycling Cart$5.66
Additional Trash Can$11.28
Yard Sale Permit$1
Failure to obtain Yard Sale Permit$50
Rental Property Inspection$35
Fee for late payment of Misc Invoices - 1% per month on unpaid balance$5 minimum

Inspections, Permits, Planning & Engineering Fees

Inspections, Permits, Planning & Engineering FeesFY 2021-2022
Building Permit (*Work started without issuance of permit is subject to double Building Permit fee.)$15
Repeat Building Inspection (*Extra fee will be assessed when the project is not ready for inspection, recurring deficiencies exist, or inspection requests are not cancelled on time.)$35
Certificate of Occupancy (*No CO will be issued until all charges are paid in the Village Clerk's Office.)$5
Zoning Request (Text or Map)$200
Subdivision Request - Major (More than XX lots)$100 + $10 per lot
Subdivision Request - Minor (less than XX lots)$25 + $5 per lot
Variance Application$100
Special Use Permit$100
Sign Permit$25
Driveway Permit$25
Home Occupation$50

Subdivision Inspection Fees

Subdivision Inspection FeesFY 2021-2022
Street Inspection per linear foot$2
Water Inspection per linear foot$1.50
Sewer Inspection per linear foot$1.50
Storm Sewer Inspection per linear foot$1

Water & Sewer Fees

Water and Sewer Usage Rates are double for those living outside the municipality. All customers (residential, industrial, and commercial) pay the same water rate. Rates became effective on July 1st 2017.

Water & Sewer Fees:FY 2021-2022
Water Flat Fee$8.50
Water per 1,000 gallons$5.87
Sewer Flat Fee$9
Sewer per 1,000 gallons$6.96
Water Assessment per linear footCost plus 3%
Water Impact Fee
Water Tap - 3/4"$1,500
Water Tap -1"$1,900
above 1"Cost plus 3%
Irrigation / Sprinkler Tap$525
Meter Set$175
Sewer Assessment per linear footCost plus 3%
Sewer Impact Fee
Sewer Tap - 4"$1,600
recommend all sizes above 4'Cost plus 3%
Late Fee$10
Reconnection Fee - Water$25
- During Office Hours - 8:00-5:00$25
- After Office Hours - 5:00 - 7:00
- After 7:00
Deposit - Residential$100
Deposit - Commercial$200
Clean-out Cap Replacement$25
Clean-out Cap & Adapter Replacement
Raise or Adjust Meter Box
Replace Meter Box Lid only
Replace Meter Box & Lid
Broken Meter Lock 1st Offense$100
Broken Meter Lock 2nd Offense$500
Other Repairs to W/S InfastructureCost plus 3%
Water Meter Testing (Deposit required before testing. See Note 1 below)
Swimming Pool (from Hydrant)$100 + 4/1,000 gal
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