Village of Alamance Administration

The Village of Alamance’s administrative staff serves the citizens and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Town. These include, but are not limited to, preparing and implementing the annual budget, paying the Town’s bills, collecting fees and taxes, handling human resources functions, providing support to the Town Mayor and coordinating risk management activities to ensure the Town runs safely and smoothly.

The Board of Aldermen holds their meeting the fourth Monday each month at 7:00 p.m.
May and December hold meeting on third Monday.


Mr. Donald Tichy

(336) 261-7037 (R)

4459 Cornerstone Drive/
P. O. Box 220
Burlington, NC 27215

Mayor Pro Tem

Mr. Tim Isley

(336) 227-0541 (R)

4477 Cornerstone Drive
Burlington, NC 27215

Town Administrator

Mr. Nick Farmerie

(336) 226-0033 (B)
(336) 675-8822 (M)


Mr. Barry Crouse

(336) 229-4512 (R)

4550 S. NC 62
Burlington, NC 27215


Mr. Phil Cheap

(828)-808-4122 (C)

4312 S NC 62
Burlington, NC 27215


Mr. Dale Hunt

336-202-8292 (C)

3412 Brookstone Drive
Burlington, NC 27215


Mr. Dan Tichy

(336) 266-0033 (B)

3568 Liberty Drive
Alamance, NC 27201


Ms. Gayle Andrews

(336) 261-6366 (C)

4660 Freedom Drive
Burlington, NC 27215

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