April 24th, 2017 Minutes


April 24, 2017

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Andrews,
Alderman Crouse, Mark Reich, Attorney Koonts and Clerk York

Absent: Alderman Jones

Alderman Crouse led the invocation

Alderman Tichy moved to approve the March 27, 2017 meeting minutes and Alderman Andrews seconded. The motion passed 5-0.

Public Hearing on Variance Request

Motion made to go into Public Hearing for Variance by Alderman Andrews, seconded by Alderman Tichy, motion passed 5-0. Clerk York stated to the Board that Mr. Coble was requesting variance for his property because when the property line is moved back five feet from the pool, to be in compliance with the Village zoning ordinance, the new line will then be ten and a half feet from an existing structure. The zoning ordinance says the property line must be fifteen feet from a building or structure, so the request for variance is being made. Mayor Tichy asked for any questions by the Board members or the audience for Mr. Coble, there were none. A motion was made by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Isley to approve the request, motion passed 5-0. Motion made to go out of Public Hearing by Alderman Tichy seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, motion passed 5-0.


Historic District Commission-Joint Agreement

Alderman Tichy and Mayor Tichy agreed that it seemed best for the Village, at this time, to continue to stay with the County instead of trying to form an independent Historic Commission. Mayor Tichy opened the discussion for public comment.

Mrs. Sherry Ford spoke to the Board regarding forming an independent Historic Commission. The Village has already gone through the study process and is on the National Register and is a Local Historic District, so no further grants would be needed for that process. She also spoke with Bill Vincent, who had agreed at one time to participate on a Historic Commission for the Village, and he felt it would be better to separate from the County and form an independent commission which would give the Village more direct control over how things may be done.

However, staying with the County Commission is convenient for smaller districts because of the challenge to find people willing to volunteer to work on a Historic Commission and having to handle the filings of grants or any other paper work. A motion was made to remain with the County and enter into the new agreement by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, seconded by Alderman Isley, motion passed 5-0.

Clean up of Property on Loop Road

Mr. Haney continues to make progress in the cleaning up of his property. The process may take a while given that he has 3 acres to clean but he is making every effort to comply.

Village Website

The website is not currently up, but Alderman Jones continues to work on the issues.

ORC Report

Mr. Allred reported the Birch station is running great and the Cabin station is in good working order, the mixer continues to work well. There is still a problem with rags coming through and collecting in the baskets. The NC 62 station is working well. There was sewer line cleaning last month by Gerry Ward around the Birch Station area, from the school down to Ashe and Cedar Dr., this is to meet State requirements each year. He will do some more cleaning this fall. Mr. Allred reported that the Distribution System is working well.


Finance Report

Clerk York informed the Board that the last CD had been removed from Carter Bank and he would be checking on the interest rates and looking at other Banks for CD options. There was one budget amendment from the water and sewer fund for postage and property and liability insurance. Clerk York subtracted $500.00 off the insurance line item which brings it to $1700.00 and added $500.00 to the postage line item. Alderman Crouse moved to approve the budget amendment, seconded by Alderman Isley motion passed 5-0. A budget meeting was set for May 3rd at 7am.


Alderman Andrews brought up the issue of historical houses and the owners responsibility to maintain them. Clerk York stated that there are minimal housing codes that must be met for it to be livable but no other enforcements for maintaining the historical character of it. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe mentioned the fact that the historical sign in town was not very visible and Clerk York replied that he would have Rob to clean up and weed eat around it.

Mr. Reich addressed the Board regarding the septic tank on Mr. Haney’s Property, if there is a second tank on his property it would need to be filled in and the Village would pay for it because it was contracted originally to be filled in. The Board asked that Mr. Reich get some estimates on the cost of this for the next meeting. There is a drainage issue across the street from Mr. Haney’s Property that Mr. Reich intends to check this evening after the meeting.

There are some streets in Heritage Glen that may need paving such as Freedom Dr., Brookstone Amesbury, St. George Ct, Londonbury Ct, and Kendal Ct. These roads can be profile milled where there are no sidewalks at the time paving begins. Rob Shepard Dr is also in need of paving. The options now are to do some patch work/sealant and wait a couple of years to do any repaving or go ahead with the repaving of the roads. Mr. Reich had some estimates for the cost of paving Freedom Dr, Kendal Ct, St. George, Londonbury and Amesbury which would be approx. $60,000 dollars, but could be more. Clerk York Confirmed that there is approximately $220,000.00 in Powell Bill money that can be used toward the repair or repaving cost of the streets.

Public Comment

Mrs. Ford asked if there was any information on repairing the sidewalks along Hwy 62. Mr. Reich responded that he does not have any information at this time but hopes to have some for the next meeting.

Mayor Tichy moved to adjourn and Alderman Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.