April 25th, 2016 Minutes


April 26, 2016 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Jones, Alderman Andrews and Clerk York

Absent: Alderman Crouse and Alderman Isley

The meeting opened with a group invocation of the Lord’s Prayer.

Alderman Dan Tichy noted one correction to the minutes for the March 28, 2016 meeting. Referring to Page 3, the sentence should read if the ordinance is on paper, the Board needs to make sure it is enforced. Following this clarification, Alderman Dan Tichy moved to approve the March 28, 2016 meeting minutes. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Public Hearing: Private Road Standards

Alderman Dan Tichy made the motion to open the Public Hearing on Private Road Standards. Alderman Andrews seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mark Reich presented an update. The goal is to fill in the gap between the Subdivision regulations and the Zoning regulations. In the Zoning regulations, tracts of land that are greater than 10 acres are exempt from the Subdivision regulations. In the Zoning ordinance, there are references to private and public roads. The Subdivision regulations only refer to public roads. There are no provisions for private road standards. The need is to clarify what private road standards should be, in the event someone wanted to develop a tract of land greater than 10 acres. This would be exempt from the Subdivision regulations, but they would have to comply with some sort of standards. It was the recommendation of the Planning Board to make the standards for private roads equivalent to the NC-DOT standards. Mayor Tichy called for public questions and comments. There were no questions or comments. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to close the Public Hearing. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Private Road Standards

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to approve the Private Road Standards as presented. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.


Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich reported that good progress is being made. Duke Energy has installed the power to the dosing tank. There was one section of line that needed debris cleaned out of it, noted in the video from the contractor. Once this is done (it may have been done today), the project will be in pretty good shape. Arnold Allred has spoken with the contractor at the NC 62 Pump Station. They are getting ready to start the bypasses. Supposedly, everything will be ready to go tomorrow. Arnold Allred observed that it will happen at 9:30am tomorrow and should take about 40 minutes for the switchover. Mr. Reich added that the pad has been installed for the emergency generator. The gas service lines have been run to it. Startup should be fairly soon. They are close to getting both the pump station and the dosing tank operational. Mayor Tichy reminded that once the dosing tank was running, they will still need to decommission the old pump station. Arnold Allred listed some of the work that will be done in the next two weeks: they will put in a portable pump; bypass the entire station; pull the pump; clean out the well; and tie in the electrical. Mayor Tichy thanked Mr. Reich for the update.

Sawyer Exterminating, Work on Town Hall

Mike Davis presented information from Palmetto Engineering. They have a different approach, but recommend consideration of installing a dehumidifier in the crawl space of the Town Hall. Their proposal totals $3651.38; this includes cleaning all of the exposed wood. This, in their opinion, would ensure a clean air space. Sawyer could still install their proposed dehumidifier. They are less expensive than the Palmetto Engineering Proposal. The total cost would be $5876.38 to install the dehumidifier and do the cleaning under the crawl space. Alderman Dan Tichy asked who would be doing the cleaning. Mr. Davis clarified that Sawyer would be installing the dehumidifier. Palmetto Engineering would clean the exposed wood surfaces that have the mold spores. It is not recommended that the insulation be removed. Alderman Jones asked if the new barrier was down. Mr. Davis replied that the 12 mil barrier is down. Alderman Jones asked if the wood could be cleaned with the barrier in place. Mr. Davis responded affirmatively. Alderman Dan Tichy asked about the recent test results. Mr. Davis reported that they weren’t as exaggerated as before; however, enough that they felt a surface cleaning was required. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if Mr. Davis had clarification about the report dates, as mentioned at the last meeting. Mr. Davis answered that he could not get a clear clarification on that. He is comfortable with the work that was done, noting that it was likely a clerical error. It is much less expensive, not having to remove the insulation. Clerk York asked what work was left to be done, and what the Village hasn’t been billed for yet. Mr. Davis noted that the dehumidifier is still outstanding. He will review the costs and billing with Clerk Ben York. Alderman Jones asked about the humidity levels being higher. Mr. Davis summarized that this is to completely control the problems for the future. They are strongly recommending the dehumidifier. Alderman Dan Tichy reminded that some mold has occurred, and has shown up in the tests. The Board approved a second opinion at the last meeting. Palmetto Engineering is providing the second opinion. They are reporting that the spore problem is not as bad as earlier thought. Mr. Davis referred to the notes from Palmetto Engineering. With a more humid season approaching, the dehumidifier is needed. There is no cross ventilation in the crawl space. There is a “dead zone” at the front of the building. The dehumidifier would be centrally located to help condition the entire space. There is no way to get cross ventilation at the front. The dehumidifier would work in conjunction with the heating and air system. Moisture will be discharged directly outside. Mr. Davis recommended that the sump pump not be used for this. Mayor Tichy observed that the mold cleaning would be an additional allocation. The dehumidifier also would be an additional cost. This has not yet been approved. The decision was to hold off on the cleaning until a second opinion was received. Mr. Davis stated that the Village has already paid for most of what Sawyer’s has done. He would like to review this with Clerk York. Mayor Tichy raised the issue of annual maintenance for the dehumidifier. Alderman Jones asked about the space being sealed. Mr. Davis verified that this would be a conditioned space, no longer vented. Mr. Reich asked about sealing the crawl space door. Mr. Davis will address this. More tests will be done following the cleaning. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if this work was absolutely necessary. He asked about the ramifications if the work was not done. Mr. Davis presented a photo of a crawl space with problems resulting from air and water: moisture and rot. Doing the work as discussed would avoid similar problems. Mayor Tichy summarized that this is playing a bidding game, as to whether there would be a mold problem in the crawl space again. The cost of cleaning it exceeds the cost of the equipment to prevent it. Mr. Davis reminded the Board that all of the other reports from the attic and the heating and air system, and inside the Town Hall all passed. There is no more cupping on the floors; they have relaxed. Alderman Dan Tichy asked Clerk York about the budget relating to these expenses. Mr. Davis confirmed that the $5900.00 costs would be in addition to what has already been approved. He recommended that he and Clerk York look at the accounting just to see where the project stands. Alderman Jones asked about the construction related to a conditioned sealed crawl space. Mr. Davis answered that, in addition to leaving off the vents, the 12 mil plastic is installed. Typically, the walls are turned up as well. Insulation board is also placed. Vents never get installed. Clerk York reported that roughly $3300.00 has been spent this year, for the work done by Sawyer. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if delaying this decision would cause any more issues. Mr. Davis replied that it would not, until late June or July. Clerk York reported that another budget amendment would need to be done. Mr. Davis added he could not attend the next Board meeting. He will work with Clerk York on the accounting, to clear up any questions. Clerk York reported that there is a total of $2700.00 that the Village has not yet been invoiced from Sawyer’s. With the approval of another $6000.00, there would be $8700.00 left to spend on this project. There is $4800.00 remaining in that line item. Another $5200.00 would need to be added to that account. Mr. Davis added that Palmetto Engineering would consider the testing “free” if the Village approved the cleaning. Alderman Jones asked if the work could be approved without having the budget for it. Clerk York responded that this could be approved, noting that, if this is approved, total cost for the year would be approximately $12,000.00. Additional project costs can come from the Fund Balance. Alderman Dan Tichy made the motion to move forward with the cleaning from Palmetto and the installation of the dehumidifier from Sawyer. Alderman Jones seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Clean Up of Properties on Alamance Loop Road

Clerk York reported that he has talked with both of the residents whose properties were identified. He informed them that he would take photos of the issues. He wrote letters and mailed them to both individuals. They have 15 days to make some progress. Clerk York has met with Mr. Haney. He has spoken with Mr. Phillippie by telephone. He seems agreeable, but no progress has been noted. Clerk York met with Mark Haney. The mulch pile in the street has been moved. Both mulch piles have been reduced. He will be moving an apparatus holding wood closer to his house. They have had a productive conversation, and looked at the property together. Clerk York pointed out the areas in need of change. He also provided both individuals with a copy of the Nuisance Ordinance. Clerk York will keep monitoring these situations. He has not received any more complaints. Progress is being made at the one lot that was the worst of the two.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred presented the ORC report. He began the report with the Birch station. Both pumps are in, and the station is working great. The spare pump developed some electrical problems. King Electric was called in, but they couldn’t find the problem. Jerry Warren and Rick Jones found the problem and took care of it. There is still a pump at the motor shop. He has instructed them not to work on it until they inform him of the cost. If it costs too much, it would be better to buy a new pump. The spare pump went “bad” sitting in the building. If the lead time is going to be 2 or 3 weeks, Mr. Allred doesn’t see the need of obtaining another pump. He will find out the lead time. The station is working now and both pumps are running. Alderman Jones asked why the spare pump went bad sitting in storage. Mr. Allred said it was getting seized up. Regarding the Cabin Station, the siphon should be running in a couple of weeks. Regarding the NC 62 Pump Station, he will meet with them tomorrow to do the pump around. They have jetted 3,800 feet of line—from Rob Shepard Drive to the NC 62 Pump Station. The Village is required to do 10% of the lines every year. This is probably about 7%. They will jet some more in the fall to take care of this requirement. On the distribution side, everything is looking good. They will be doing THM testing again next month. Mr. Allred has been working on a cross connection ordinance or backflow ordinance. Clerk York informed him today that the Village already has one. He has reviewed it today. It was approved in 2004, but has never been used. The State is now pressing for cross connection/ backflow ordinances in towns. CT Nassau has a cross connection, along with Patterson Dental, and E.M. Holt School. There are other places that Mr. Allred will check. The Village needs to start enforcing the Ordinance. Mr. Allred now has the cross connection certification, so he can do this. The Ordinance reads that the Village has to appoint a Cross Connection Control Officer. This would give Mr. Allred the authority to enforce the cross connection ordinance for the Village. These connections are supposed to be tested once a year. Mr. Allred doubts that any of them have been tested. Clerk York is not aware of any being tested. Alderman Jones pointed out that there are engagement systems, unless there is a second meter. Mr. Allred noted that most of Heritage Glen has second meters. All water meters have a double check valve on the other side. The problem is with big connections like C.T. Nassau. They have a double check valve that is in a box. The dental office has one too. Clerk York asked what a cross connection ordinance requires. Mr. Allred responded that the ordinance requires that the backflow prevention devices work. If something comes back on the system, this makes sure it doesn’t get back into the system. The only way to do this is have a certified tester come out and test them. Mr. Allred is not a certified tester. He is the ORC of the system. It is up to the business to hire a certified tester to test their backflow prevention. They give the Village a report. This way, it does not cost the Village anything. It would be up to Mr. Allred to make sure this is done. He would basically be enforcing the ordinance. The ordinance also addresses new construction. If a business comes in, they must meet certain criteria. This mostly applies to business. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to appoint Arnold Allred as the Cross Connection Control Officer. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. Mr. Allred observed that this really needed to be done. He is getting ready because the State will start enforcing this in a couple of years. The connections he has seen are all correct; they just need to be tested.

There was no further Old Business.


Historic District Commission

Clerk York referred to the Historic District Commission ordinance that was passed on August 24, 2009. There are Historic District Guidelines. The Commission governs those guidelines. If anyone wants to make repairs to their properties, they are supposed to come before the Commission. They complete a one page application that is part of the guidelines, stating what they want to do. They are asking for a certificate of appropriateness. Though this was passed in 2009, the Board has never filled it. Sherry Ford could not attend the meeting, but is trying to get some names together for the commission. Alderman Dan Tichy noted Mrs. Ford had mentioned someone not living in the ETJ. Clerk York stated this individual was Mr. Vincent. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if she has had feedback from Mr. Vincent. Clerk York responded negatively, not yet. There are 5 people who can be on the commission. Three have to be from the historic area: live there, own property there, or own a business there. One person has to be from outside that area. It doesn’t specifically state if this person has to live in the Village. Mayor Tichy noted that Mr. Vincent would fit, because of the required expertise in neighborhood preservation, architectural planning, and history. He meets the requirements on what is needed. If Mr. Vincent wants to serve, the ordinance does not need to be modified. He added, with the way the ordinance is written, the individuals do not need to be property owners to serve on the Historic District Commission. Clerk York observed that if renters living in the historic district wanted to serve, they could do so. Mayor Tichy tabled this item until Mrs. Ford could present a list of names for the Board to consider.

Finance Report/ Budget Amendment

Clerk York noted there would be no budget amendment presented at this meeting, unless the Board wished to add additional funds to Building Repairs and Maintenance. The consensus was to wait until the next meeting. Clerk York presented the total value of the CDs. He also pointed out the cash balance, as presented on the written Finance Report.


Clerk York reported on the recent meeting with other city managers regarding the new animal shelter. Different proposals for funding a new animal shelter were presented. Clerk York referred to the accompanying documentation: payment of a lump sum; borrowing the funds over 15 years at 3.75% interest; or a 20 year loan. The question is whether there is a scenario in which Alamance County would fund the entire project. This is not likely to happen. The first projection was based on population. Clerk York referred to the original proposal, based on population. There are now four alternate proposals. One focuses solely on intakes, based on the percentage of intakes from each community. Another proposal is based on population. Another proposal is based on half intake, half population. The other proposal is fixed, taking the four smallest communities (with the Village of Alamance being one of them), and assigning them a fixed amount; the remaining communities would pay based on population. For the Village of Alamance, the cost varies from $15,700.00 to $18,200.00. This is based on paying the amount in full. The cost does not vary much for the Village of Alamance; for other communities it does vary. Clerk York summarized that, every year, the operations of the animal shelter are divided up according to population. The Village is billed for approximately $6500.00 each year. If the capital costs were to be funded in the same way that operational costs are broken down, the Village would be looking at a cost of $29,000.00. Nothing has been set in stone, voted on, or approved. Each one of the municipalities will have to agree on one way to fund this project. Going forward, they may begin to base operational costs on the number of intakes. They discussed doing this for about 5 years, and then reviewing it. The Village of Alamance is considered “small” relating to the number of intakes. Mayor Tichy stated the Village had 3 times the population, but not 3 times the intakes. Clerk York summarized that he wanted to share this information with the Board, noting again that the costs do not vary much for the Village of Alamance. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if Burlington had finalized what they would be doing with the project costs. Clerk York answered that nothing has been submitted to an architect yet. Alderman Dan Tichy stated it seemed a lot of numbers were being thrown around, with no concrete plans. Clerk York observed that if project costs were lower than $5.2 million, the Village costs would be a percentage less. The hope is that all municipalities will agree on a method of funding. Alderman Dan Tichy pointed out that it could end up costing more than $5.2 million. Clerk York noted that the Board would not have to plan for this in the upcoming budget. This would be planned for in the 2017-2018 budget. He is sharing this for informational purposes. Alderman Dan Tichy stated this is a county project. Mayor Tichy commented this relates to the tax rates. Alderman Dan Tichy added the municipalities would end up raising taxes to pay for it. Clerk York stated that the Village of Alamance would not have to do this, though other municipalities may have to.

Alderman Jones asked about grease traps. Clerk York reported that the Village has 3 grease traps. Alderman Jones asked if these have an annual inspection. Arnold Allred addressed this question, reporting that they are inspected and are okay. Mr. Allred commented there was supposed to be an inspection on the collection system tomorrow, but the inspector has cancelled it. Two grease letters are sent out each year; this is the requirement. Annual cleaning is also a requirement. Some of the grease traps are so small, cleaning is not an issue. Clerk York stated there is a small one at K & J, and at the Concession Stand at the School. There is a main grease trap for the school itself. The one at K & J is cleaned out monthly; they recycle their grease. The school uses a company that pumps that one out every year. Alderman Jones asked if the ordinance was good, relating to the grease traps. Mr. Allred confirmed this.

There was no other business.

Public Comment

Peggy May addressed the Board. She asked how the Board felt about the water tower. Mrs. May stated something should be done about the water tower. She doesn’t mean this year or next year, but sometime. She believes funding could be obtained from all the businesses, and that a lot of people would donate money. Alderman Jones thinks C.T. Nassau would donate it. Mrs. May pointed out that the Town of Elon has redone their water tower, and put a new logo on it. Clerk York observed that it would need to be cleaned and painted. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if the water tower was inside the historic district. Clerk York replied that it is outside of the historic district. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe asked if costs could be investigated. Clerk York stated he would be happy to do this if the Board so desired. Alderman Jones reminded that the Village does not currently own the water tower. Mrs. May asked the Board to consider pursuing this, and have Clerk York investigate the costs. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to have the Town Clerk investigate the costs. She added she would like for the water tower to feature these words: “Village of Alamance” with a splotch of plaid, with “Home of Plaid” at the bottom.

Alderman Jones referred to the other two candidates considering appointment to the Board of Aldermen. He regrets they did not acknowledge and thank them for showing their interest in the position. He asked if anyone had a personal connection with the two candidates. Clerk York named the individuals: Sara Farlow and Craven Ford. Clerk York offered to send a letter thanking them for their interest.

Mark Reich referred to information in the packets relating to Heritage Glen Subdivision Phase 5- B. Construction has begun. They were not notified of all of the work, prior to its beginning. Mr. Reich has seen the technical report, indicating that what was done was okay. The sanitary sewer will have to be put in; plans are to start this tomorrow. Once the trenches for the sanitary sewer are excavated, they will make sure this material goes back and is properly compacted. There is not a tremendous amount of fill at that job. There is a 100 foot section at the widest point. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if changes had been made to make sure that water meters did not end up in the driveways. Clerk York and Mr. Reich confirmed this was done. Mr. Reich observed there is a note on the plan to this effect. They also added notes about tracer wire. Mr. Reich reported that the fees still have not been paid. Alderman Dan Tichy asked about the status of using GPS. Mr. Reich responded that not everything has been converted over. It is pretty much done. He will check on this. Alderman Jones asked if the developer putting in the water and sewer was the same one doing the houses. Mr. Reich answered they are not the same developers. The actual contractor is Bost Backhoe. Faust and Holt are the two primary owners. Alderman Jones asked if they had interest in the property or if they were just contractors doing the work. Mr. Reich reported that they do have interest in the properties. The owners, Kristin Faust and Shawn Holt, are part of the developers. Alderman Jones asked if they forgot, or if this just slipped their minds. Mr. Reich responded he could not answer that question. Alderman Jones questioned if the Board needed to state that they were aware of this, and did not want this to happen again. Mr. Reich stated that this has already been done. There has also been a meeting, about a week ago. Mayor Tichy pointed out that inspection fees had been added to the ordinance because of the amount of effort that had to be put it on this. They couldn’t backdate this, but it applies to future construction. These are the fees that have not yet been paid. Mr. Reich will touch base with Attorney Paul Koonts. He thinks the fees will need to be paid before the final plat is recorded. Alderman Jones asked if any work had gotten so far that Mr. Reich couldn’t see it. Mr. Reich responded that the GEO technician they have hired is putting his seal on it, saying that he has observed all the stripping, and that everything is ready for compacted fill. Alderman Jones asked if this was a third party. Mr. Reich confirmed this was a third party.

Clerk York stated that the budget needs to be presented at the next meeting. They will need to have a working meeting to review the budget. In the past, the meeting has been held at 7:00am, but this is up to the Board. It will be a special meeting, held sometime over the next month. Clerk York will send a budget out for review this week. It was decided to hold this special meeting on a Monday morning at 7:00am. Clerk York will choose the date and notify the Board members.

Alderman Dan Tichy asked what was happening with the historic house in the Village. Mayor Tichy reported that the chimney collapsed, probably because of work that Piedmont did in connecting the gas line. The owner will have it rebuilt. The chimney collapsed the day after Piedmont excavated on that side of the road.

Clerk York announced that he will take days off on Friday, May 6, 2016 and Monday, May 9, 2016. The date of May 16th will be best for the special working budget meeting. It was decided to meet at 7:00am; this special meeting is open to the public.

There was no other public comment.

Alderman Dan Tichy made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Alderman Jones seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.