August 22nd, 2016 Minutes


August 22, 2016– 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Isley, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Andrews, and Clerk York

Absent: Alderman Jones

The meeting opened with a group invocation of the Lord’s Prayer.


Subdivision Amendment for Serenity turning into two courts

Mayor Tichy motioned to approve the amendment as presented. Alderman Tichy made motion to approve, Alderman Isley seconded. Motion carries 5-0

Final Plat Heritage Glen 5B

There needs to be a final bond approval. Mayor Tichy motioned to approve the amendment as presented, Alderman Crouse made the motion to approve and Alderman Isley seconded. Motion carries 5-0

Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich reported that Arnold was out of town, but he had spoken with him and they think the generator is now talking back to the auto dialer, Arnold will confirm that when he returns from vacation. After that is confirmed the final invoice will be sent over to Clerk York.

Historic District Commission

This item was tabled, due to the absence of Sherry Ford. Alderman Andrews questioned why this issue was taking so long. Mayor Tichy explained that right now the historic district was managed by the county and the Village could take it over but there needs to be a committee in place to handle it, which Sherry Ford was looking into doing. Sherry will need to put together a committee for approval by the Board. There is no pressing need to take action at this time. We can just leave it as an open item.

Clean Up of Properties on Alamance Loop Road

Clerk York had nothing new to report since last meeting. Mark has been working on the property. There have been no new complaints since the original.

ORC Report

Clerk York reported that the people from the rural water association could not find anything out of the ordinary. We are going to ask Burlington to recalibrate the meters, that’s at least something to check. There was a leak in a service line on 62 last week that Jerry was able to fix. There is a leak somewhere that is yet to be found, but it is thought to be around Birch lane, based on the meter readings there. Mr. Reich spoke with Arnold about this issue, he is thinking about closing the meter on 62 and getting all the water for about one month coming through the dam to see if there is any difference with Burlington’s meter. It may give an indicator that Burlington’s meter is out of calibration. He is somewhat concerned about shutting the valve off because if there were a fire, it would need to be opened for the fire department.


Part-time position

Golf cart update

No updates on golf carts. The board members have noticed a decrease in the number of golf carts being driven.

Finance report

Clerk York reported that two CD’s came up positive. Mayor Tichy asked if Clerk York had any success coming up with a bank to place the CD’s in. Clerk York reported that he has not had any luck as of yet. Alderman asked Clerk York about the AT&T service. Clerk York reported that the issue with them not billing for the web hosting was fixed, and they are going to fix the billing for the syphon station, as it was being billed at the wrong rate. Clerk York had hoped they could bill for all three stations at once, but it may not be possible. At this time the web site is still not running and Clerk York is still working with AT&T to remedy the problem.

Mayor Tichy asked about the automatic read meters. Clerk York reported that it would cost approx.. $100,000. To put in the new system. It is recommended to replace all meters at the same time, although it would take a bit of time to get all meters replaced. Clerk York stated after the new system is in it would only take a couple of hours to read meters once a month. this new system would save money in the long run. This new software would also make it easier to locate leaks.


Mark hall electric worked on the lights in the town hall and outside, as well. The lights by the flag pole have been fixed and they plan to install a timer for the outdoor lights. They hope to start that install tomorrow. They also capped the exposed wires in the parking lot.

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