August 24th, 2015 Minutes


August 24, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro Tem Tichy, Alderman Sharpe, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Tichy, and Clerk York

Absent: Alderman Clemmons and Alderman Gregory

Alderman Crouse gave the invocation.

Alderman Dan Tichy made the following correction to the meeting minutes for July 27, 2015, relating to the Variance Request. References to Homeowners’ Association should be noted as the Homeowners’ Association Board. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy moved to approve the July 27, 2015 meeting minutes, with this correction. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich observed that he had much to report since the last meeting. The contractor started moving in, and then DOT called a time-out. Since then, documents have been sent back to DOT, and they have agreed to provide information on what needs to be done to support the bridge on a temporary basis. This will allow the engineer to get his equipment in and out. DOT has not yet informed of the concern, but has asked for additional information. They have asked for the actual location and the amount of the estimated loading. The bridge is only 35 feet. The 30 feet between the two axles may put them on one side of the indent versus the load; in other words, they may not have to do so much. Mr. Reich expressed that he was hopeful. The bridge passes 28 tons and they have 52 that they need to bring in for the equipment. As soon as they can get the temporary permit from DOT, the contractor is ready to go to work. Mayor Bundren asked if this related to shoring up the bridge. Mr. Reich confirmed this was correct. The contractor will take care of this. They will be putting in a big beam, in the center of the bridge. Some supports will be put down into the stream bed, to hold that up. This is what they are talking about doing. DOT seems to think this will be a temporary fix. They wanted to “size” what those timbers needed to be—(6) 2x10s bolted together or 2x12s, or 14 inches think, or whatever. DOT will state the dimensions that need to be installed. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy asked if there was another back way around that bridge. Census was that there was not. Mr. Reich asked Alderman Crouse about the weight of the firetrucks. Alderman Crouse responded that they were pushing the limit, and were aware of that. They have heard that the bridge will be torn down within the next five years. A new configuration, or a culvert guard, will replace it. Mr. Reich reported that DOT stated this may start within the next year. Many of the small bridge replacements are completed in 90-120 days. Mayor Bundren added that they will have to build something around the bridge, because there is no other outlet. Mr. Reich responded that DOT will have to build a temporary bridge, in order to construct the new bridge. Mayor Bundren asked if this would interfere with any of the planned project. Mr. Reich replied that it should not interfere. DOT received the plans months ago. They indicated the project was far enough away to avoid interference. Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Reich to keep the Board apprised. She thanked him for his report.

Planning Board Vacancy

Mayor Pro Tem Tichy announced that he has not made any progress relating to the Planning Board vacancy. Alderman Dan Tichy reported the same. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy asked if the notice of this vacancy could be sent out with the water bills again. Clerk York replied that he could repeat the notice. Mayor Bundren asked if the notice could be worded so that homeowners versus renters would express interest. This would avoid issues of concern addressed earlier. Clerk York will work on that. Consensus was that the wording should be “homeowners residing in the Village.” This item was tabled until further responses could be received.

Removal or Trimming of Tree Next To Flag Pole at Town Hall

Clerk York presented quotes relating to the removal or trimming of the tree next to the flag pole. Carolina Tree offered a quote of $100.00, which is lower than the other two. However, they never provided a written quote, even after Clerk York followed up with telephone calls. He also needed clarification as to whether that included grinding the stump. They just said it would cost $100.00 to remove the tree; Clerk York cannot be certain this includes grinding the stump. Both of the other quotes include the grinding of the stump. For Honest Tree Service, the cost is $300.00 to take down the tree, and another $100.00 to grind the stump. For Gaddy Tree Service, the cost would be $150.00 for the whole project. They will trim the tree at no cost. If the Village wishes the tree to be removed, Gaddy Tree Service will take it down and grind the stump for $150.00 total. Mayor Bundren asked if either company had recommended the better option, trimming versus removal. Clerk York stated that both recommended taking the tree down, rather than trimming it. Alderman Dan Tichy added that it would require trimming too much of the tree. Alderman Crouse made the motion to have Alamance/Gaddy Tree Service remove the tree. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Bundren asked Clerk York how soon Gaddy Tree Service could do the work. Clerk York suggested they should be able to do the work pretty soon. This is not considered a big job for them.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred reported that the new signs have been posted at all of the pumping stations. The pump stations are working great. Regarding the distribution system, the biggest concern has been the water main leak on NC 62. There was only one resident that did not have water that night. Mr. Allred showed the Board a section of the pipe that was sitting on the rock, where the problem occurred. The pipe was split. Jerry came over, and cut the pipe out. The large rock was shooting the water up in the road, and lifting up the new asphalt. This is the third one like this, with the pipe bedded in rock. Mr. Allred pointed out the brown color on the pipe. This is what causes THMs; the slime or build-up in the pipe. The chlorine gets in that and causes the THMs. The state says to flush it, but this cannot be flushed out. The only way to get it out is very expensive. Clerk York pointed out that this build-up is actually a lot less than what other places deal with. Mr. Allred added that this was not a dead-end line. Water is moving all the time. In a dead-end line, there is much worse build-up. Mayor Bundren offered the analogy of plaque building up in a person’s arteries. Mr. Reich expressed that this was a good analogy. Mayor Bundren asked if there was a way to detect where other problems like this might occur. Mr. Allred responded negatively. He added that, in this case, metal pipe was installed in place of the former plastic pipe. They did try to get all the rock off that they could. That rock is as big as the Town Hall Conference Room. Alderman Crouse observed that two big chunks of the rock were pulled out. They used a jackhammer there for two days. Mayor Bundren thanked Mr. Allred for his report.

There was no further Old Business.


City/County Meeting October 15. Village of Alamance is Hosting

Mayor Bundren reported that reservations have been made for the October City/County Meeting at Lake MacIntosh. She has talked with the MoJo Grill who has offered a price of $10.00 per person, which will include everything. Alderman Sharpe reported that she has also checked with Mykonos, observing that the last meal at the City/County meeting was not very good. Mykonos has quoted a price of $8.25 per person, with a choice of two skewers of chicken or two skewers of pork or 3 pieces of meat. The price includes the salad, the dressing, the pita, the spinach pie, and beverage. Mayor Bundren noted that the Village has used Mykonos before, and they did a very good job. Alderman Sharpe added that everyone was pleased with them, when they did the meal before. Alderman Dan Tichy asked about the location of the MoJo Grill. Mayor Bundren informed that this restaurant is located at the mall. Clerk York added that this is known as the Good Times Diner. Mayor Bundren commented that the food there is very good. They specialize in Cajun food, pizza, jambalaya, and grilled chicken. There would be sides, salad, and dessert included. The price quoted is a discounted price. Normally, the cost would be $13.50 per person. Alderman Sharpe made the motion to select Mykonos as the caterer for the October City/County meeting. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York reported that the CD just matured on Saturday. He distributed a printed report. The total interest earned over the last 12 months is $8259.48. The total value of all the CDs is $1.5 million. He referred to Item #3 on the report, noting that the $252,158.86 CD matured on August 2nd. It earned $1386.87 in interest. That CD is now closed. It was split in half to create two new CDs. One CD will be a 12 month CD; the other one will be an 11 month CD. That will now provide 12 CDs. Clerk York reminded that a CD was closed out, at Carter Bank, at the end of June, to put funds in the Wells Fargo account. That left 11 total CDs. At the end of July, when the CD matured, because of its size, it was split in half. Setting up one CD for 12 months, and the other one for 11 months, means that now there are 12 CDs. They are all laddered, so that a CD is maturing every month. For the 12 month CD, there is a rate of .95%. For the 11 month CD, the rate will be .75%. The CD that matured today earned $615.00 in interest; the CD is valued at $112,440.20, at maturity. Clerk York referred to the Fund Balance. He pointed out that is he listing all the cash available at Carter Bank, Wells Fargo, and the NC Capital Management Trust. This is the total cash, not fixed assets, or capital assets. Actual fund balance would include the Town Hall and the value of the water and sewer lines. The fund balance referred to is approximate, according to the General Ledger. Over the course of the next year, more funds will be moved to the siphon fund. This will most likely be November, as this is when a larger CD will mature. The total cash is noted on the printed report. The Powell Bill is not listed; it totals $186,000.00. Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Reich about the pavement costs he mentioned at the last meeting. Mr. Reich responded that he has looked at this, but has not put together all the cost figures. He will provide this information at the next meeting. Clerk York referred to the Powell Bill. Even with the allotment that will be received in September, if the Village spends nothing this year, they will still not go over the requirement for the balance.


Alderman Crouse asked Clerk York if he had heard from the insurance company regarding the generator. Clerk York replied affirmatively. The storm in July resulted in the replacement of the control panel on the generator at the Birch station. The cost was approximately $900.00. Alderman Crouse had suggested that the insurance company be contacted regarding the damage to the generator. Clerk York contacted the insurance company. There is a $500.00 deductible.

Insurance has reimbursed the Village $444.20. This will not have any impact on future premiums. Mayor Bundren asked if there was a warranty on the generator, and whether or not this would be affected. Mr. Allred informed that the warranty was already expired.

Alderman Crouse asked Clerk York to let Jerry know that when he backfilled the hole, the mud has turned like concrete. He could wait until next month, but this needs to be done. Some dirt needs to be brought in. Mr. Allred reported that Jerry has promised to come back and work on that. He may need a reminder.

Alderman Sharpe noticed there have been two giant sales. Mayor Bundren was also aware of this and had asked Clerk York about it. These are their 2 yard sales per year. Clerk York reported that Mr. Fogleman did one of the big yard sales. Senecal did the other one on the property.

There was no other business.

Public Comment

Tim Isley introduced himself to the Board. He has applied to run for the Board of Aldermen. He grew up in Alamance County and resides in Heritage Glen. In the 1970’s, his father worked as manager at the store in Alamance. Mr. Isley has several relatives that live in the Village. He is proud to call it home; it is a good community. It is one of the best places to live in Alamance County, with good schools. He would be proud to serve on the Board. Mayor Bundren told Mr. Isley the Board would see him in December, when the transition comes.

There was no other public comment.

Alderman Crouse moved to adjourn and Mayor Pro Tem Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.