August 28th, 2017 Minutes


August 28, 2017

Present: Mayor Tichy, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Jones, Alderman Andrews, Mark Reich, Attorney Koonts and Clerk York

Alderman Crouse led the invocation

Alderman Tichy moved to approve the July 24, 2017 meeting minutes and Alderman Crouse seconded. The motion passed 4-0.

Flood Plain Public Hearing Date set for Monday September 25, 2017 at 7:00 pm


Village Website

No new updates.

Mark Reich: Report on Street Maintenance

Mr. Reich is proposing to do patching on Cardinal lane, Councilman and Cabin Rd along with crack sealing. Rob Shepard Dr. will need patching and overlay. If there is any sealant left over it could be used in the Heritage Glen area. Mr. Reich will acquire bids on this project.

The sidewalks up to Rob Shepard Dr. could be replaced at 4 or 5 feet wide and keep the driveways the same. The sidewalks below Rob Shepard Dr. would need to be flattened out, due to being steep, to make them compliant. There is no DOT funding for these projects. The Board would like to submit a plan to DOT for approval of 5 feet wide sidewalks. The work will be done in $ 30,000.00 increments.

Food Truck and Restaurants as a Special Use

Clerk York stated that food trucks would be allowed in the multi-use district, and must have been approved by the Alamance County Health Dept. to apply for a permit. The application fee will need to be decided on. The hours of operation would be between 7am and 10pm, unless special permission was granted. Trucks may be parked on private property with the owner’s permission. There can’t be any tables or chairs outside the truck, nor any large signs. Clerk York will need to set a time limit for the permit, possibly good for 6 months. Proof of insurance should be shown at time of application. The Board will need to decide how this will affect ice cream trucks.

Ordinance regarding Parking in Front Yard

Clerk York stated that Attorney Koonts had researched this issue but there is not a lot of information to be found. Clerk York advises, that at this time, there is not a need to create an ordinance for the issue.

Trash and Recycle

Clerk York stated that the new agreement with Waste Industries was signed and in effect. Yard waste will be picked up by Waste Industries until October, when they will sub contract it out. The new day for limb pick up would be Saturday. The Board suggest that the yard waste be picked up in the afternoon. Clerk York will check to see what time frame is suitable for the sub- contractor to start picking up. There is also a possibility that the sub-contractor is willing to pick up bulk waste.

ORC Report

Birch Station and NC 62 station generators have been serviced. Pond station mixer is still out for repair. The state inspection on the collection system was done and the report looked good. The distribution system was inspected, and the Bac-T test will need to be done twice a month now, due to a population increase.

Clerk York had found a small leak, about 6 gallons a minute. Mr. Allred said that he has not found the source of the leak yet.

Flushing was done on Freedom Dr. and Cornerstone Dr.


Speed Limit/Child at Play Signs for Phase 5/Speeding in Heritage Glen

It has been brought to Alderman Tichy’s attention that phase 5 of Heritage Glen needs speed limit and children at play signs. One set should be placed close to the entrance of the new phase and the other toward the middle or end. Clerk York stated he would order two sets of children at play and speed limit signs. Speeding has also become an issue in Heritage Glen. Placing speed bumps throughout was brought up by Alderman Jones, but they require maintenance and could pose problems if people were to speed over them. Alderman Tichy suggested creating three way stops in Heritage Glen and it was agreed on. New stop signs will be ordered to go at Cornerstone and Liberty, Brookstone and Freedom, and another to be placed about halfway down on Heritage. New Traffic Pattern signs will need to be ordered and placed to alert drivers of the new stop signs in the neighborhood. A No Outlet sign needs to be ordered and placed on Freedom Dr. to deter drive through traffic.

Finance Report

Clerk York reviewed the finance report. No questions from the board.


Clerk York reviewed Russell Saxon’s contract with the board. Mr. Saxon has asked for a $50.00 increase in his contracted price, making it $950.00 per month. The Board accepted.

Public Comment

Concerns about the cleanup of Mr. Haney and the Senecal property were brought up. Clerk York stated that progress is being made but he will make contact with them again. Clerk York was asked to contact Mr. Shackleford about the vines growing on the side of the building. A question was asked about minimum housing codes being enforced and occupancy codes for the village. Clerk York stated he would need to be contacted directly by any tenants who felt the housing codes were not up to standard. He will also look at the ordinances to see if there is any occupancy code for the Village.

Alderman Crouse motioned to adjourn seconded by Alderman Tichy. The motion passed unanimously.