December 17th, 2018 Minutes


December 17, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.


Mr. Reich gave the invocation.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to approve the November 26, 2018 minutes, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion carries 6-0


Village Website

Clerk York stated that the website was coming along well. There are some different options for making online payments. QS1 has an option for a flat fee of $75 per month plus a convenience fee of 2.95% of each total bill. This convince fee is paid by the customer when they pay online or call in with a credit card. The payment will go directly into the QS1 system.

Alderman Tichy asked if another payment method should be added such as Stripe or PayPal Pro could be used to accept payments in the office. Clerk York stated that Building permits, development fees, certificate of occupancy and such could be paid through one of those options and would be separate from paying water bills online through the website.

It was decided to go with QS1 for the online payment option on the new website. An option for taking cards in the office will be investigated.

Clerk York reminded the Board members to submit a picture and a short Bio to put on the new website.

Engineer Report

Mr. Reich reported that the crack sealing had been completed, but the bill is not finalized yet. All the contracted roads in the Village were sealed. There were leftovers used to seal some of the roads in Heritage Glen, but there are many others that need work.

Mr. Reich estimated that Freedom Dr., Midland Court, Cornerstone, Liberty and Serenity Dr. could be sealed along with English, Century and Quad court for approx $22,000 to $25,000. A third change order to the contract can be made and the original contract can be increased up to 100%.

Mr. Reich recommends that Heritage Ln. be resurfaced. It would cost approx $106,000 to resurface all of Heritage Ln, including the milling work. DOT would provide traffic control to help with entering and exiting Heritage Glen. A decision can be made on paving in the spring.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to amend the contract as specified regarding the crack sealing work, excluding Heritage Ln., seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion passed 6-0

Alderman Crouse stated that the parking lot of the office needed attention. Mr. Reich stated that he will look at it.

Mr. Reich stated that he is still waiting on the Lutheran Church, Mr. Slaughter and Ms. Ford’s easement agreement to get the sidewalk project underway. Mr. Reich stated that the DOT would be putting in new curb ramps compliant with ADA at Rob Shepard Dr. and Cardinal Dr.

Montessori School

Clerk York stated that there has been no activity.

ORC Report
Clerk York stated that Mr. Allred was out of town. Mark Gross is the backup ORC and he has been through the Village with no problems to report.

Clerk York stated he had a couple of other fence estimates from Alamance Fence and Fence Pro. Fence Pro had the lowest estimate at about $1400 but they are backed up about 6 weeks. It could be February before they could begin. Clerk York stated he has made the insurance claim, so FEMA would be able to reimburse the Village.


Finance Report/Budget Amendment

Clerk York stated there were no budget amendments


Clerk York stated he would be out of the office Thursday and Friday of the week before Christmas and the week after. The office will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Christmas. Misty Folwell will cover the office for Clerk York.

Public Comment

An audience member stated that his neighbor’s mailbox was blocked by the scraping of the road. Clerk York stated that this sometimes happens, but the main goal is clearing the roads. Clerk York stated that someone was offering to paint house numbers on the curbs in Heritage Glen but that residents should be aware that this group does not represent the Village.

Motion made to adjourn made by Alderman Tichy, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion passed 6-0