February 27, 2023 Minutes




February 27, 2023 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Isley, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Hunt, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Cheap (by Zoom) and Clerk York.


Absent:  Alderman Tichy


Invocation and Call to Order given by Mark Reich


A motion was made to approve the January 23, 2023, meeting minutes by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Andrews. Motion carries 5-0


Public Hearing: Commercial Code


Alderman Crouse moved to go into a public hearing and Alderman Hunt seconded. Motion carried 5-0.


Dennis Pinnix of State Code Enforcement Inc and the author of the Commercial Code was present to answer questions. Mr. Pinnix said that the Commercial Code follows the same procedure same procedure used for minimum housing.  He handed out a step by step checklist for administering the ordinance. If damage to the property is less than 50%, then the board can give the owner the option to repair or demolish.  If the order is given to demolish, they can board up the property for up to 24 months. After that time, if the owners have not demolished the building, then it is considered abandoned. The Board will have to pass an ordinance to determine what it wants to do with the property. Manufacturing and industrial warehouse buildings get 5 years before they are considered abandoned.


Alderman Isley asked if an owner could get around the 24 months by claiming to use a building as a warehouse for storage.  Mr. Pinnix said that they could not.  Alderman Cheap asked if an owner could be required to make a building secure as opposed to using a tarp to cover an area.  Mr. Pinnix responded that the building must be secure.  Alderman Cheap asked how long the owner would have to board up the building. Mr. Pinnix responded that he would not require them to board it up right away.  He would order them to demolish or repair.  If the building is not secure, then he will make them secure the structure.


At the time the Board votes on demolition, Mr. Pinnix will also have bids from contractors for demolition.  A lien can be placed on property to recover costs. Clerk York asked about the timeframe to arrive at the order to repair or demolish.  Mr. Pinnix said that after the title search was completed, the hearing would take place between 10 and 30 days with a target hearing of 21 days.  Alderman Cheap asked if the date a building became damaged had any effect on the ability of the Village to require it be fixed.  Mr. Pinnix said that it did not. Alderman Andrews asked if the owner needed to be present for the hearing.  Mr. Pinnix said that the owner is notified and given the opportunity to attend.


With nor other questions or public comments, Alderman Isley moved and Alderman Crouse seconded a motion to go out of the public hearing.  Motion passed 5-0. Alderman Isley moved and Alderman Andrews seconded a motion to approve the Commercial Code.

Motion passed 5-0.


(The Commercial Code is incorporated and made a part of these minutes).


Public Comment





Engineer Report


(The engineers report for February 2023 is incorporated and made a part of these minutes)

Construction Drawings for the Cardinal Lane Outfall project have been submitted to NCDENR for their approval as well as the sewer permit has been forwarded to NCDEQ.  Easement documents are being revised by the Village attorney.


Mr. Reich asked if the Board wanted to consider expanding the NC 62 sidewalk repair project beyond the church to Rob Shepard Drive.  Alderman Isley asked if areas they can preserve section of sidewalk that don’t need to be replaced.  Mr. Reich said that it what they are looking at doing.  Alderman Andrews asked if they could run into issues like they had at 3968 S NC 62.  Mr. Said that that was certainly possible if they have to change anything about a section of sidewalk to meet NCDOT standards.  The Board agreed to have Mr. Reich prepare bid documents to extend the project to Rob Shepard Drive.


We are waiting for poles to be delivered for the speed signs. Mayor Tichy asked Clerk York to have Rusty Saxon go ahead and dig the holes and pour the concreate at the locations where the sign will be placed.


Mr. Reich then reported on the street paving contract.  A pre bid meeting is scheduled at his office on February 28th.  The project is out for bid.


He has a meeting with Dule Energy to discuss the issue with the power pole on NC 62 on Wednesday, March 1.  The pole sits on top of the sewer line.


Village was not funded for either water and or sewer AIA grants this cycle by DWI. We have requested a meeting with DWI to review why scoring was lower than other municipalities that did receive funding with similar applications.


We need to put in a gate in a fence on Mr. Kimbro’s property off of Cabin Road.  This would allow for access to two manholes.




ARP Projects


No new update.


Plaid Day


Alderman Cheap thanked Mayor Tichy, Alderman Andrews, and Alderman Hunt for attending the most recent Plaid Day Meeting. Tony Lewis is going to handle the hot dogs and hamburgers for concessions.  Pastor Philabaum has been working with Dule Power to get power to the concession stand.   Some of the lights need to be worked on as they are hanging down.  They are working with the designer to make the t-shirts look more like plaid.  If you go to fairs and/or festivals, please talk up the event. There are 12 vendors confirmed.


ORC Report


The Birch Station had a pump go out in February.  A rebuilt pump has been placed in service and the electrical panel has been redone, cleaned, and rewired.  We will not have to order a new control panel.  We also have a spare pump in the building.


The mixer at NC 62 has been tripping out.  He will have Jerry Warren take a look at it.


Mr. Allred noticed several sewer lines that needed to be cleaned when he inspected them at the beginning of the year.  Mr. Warren will handle that cleaning.  We will clean more than the required ten percent as there are areas that need to be cleaned.  One of the problems he noticed was kids putting sticks in the manholes.  The best thing to do is if you see that happening, tell the kids to stop.  They have noticed this in a manhole just south of the pond on Cabin Road.


Mayor Tichy asked Mr. Allred to keep an eye on it.  If it continues, the Board will have to do something about it.


Mr. Allred also did TTHM/HAA5 testing at the beginning of the month.





Town Clerk/Asst to Town Admin


We have interviewed three candidates.  Mayor Tichy said the Board has found someone they would like to offer the position.  Mayor Tichy asked if they needed a motion in order to make an offer to their candidate of choice.  Clerk York said they did not.  A contract can be put together and an offer made.


Finance Report/Budget Amendment


$25,000 was added to engineering and $5,000 was added to Taps and Meters.  This was taken from Fund Balance.  Alderman Crouse moved to approve the budget amendment and Alderman Isley seconded.  The motion passed 5-0.





Alderman Isley asked if any of the money for Plaid Day had been spent yet.  Clerk York said that it had not been spent yet, but he expects funds to be spent soon. Clerk York estimated no more than the $5,000 appropriated will be spent.  He doesn’t believe the final expenditure will be close to that amount.  Alderman Cheap agreed.  Alderman Cheap also said he would have a number on food and t-shirts by the next meeting.




Motion to adjourn by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Isley. Motion carries 5-0



                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor


___________________________________ Ben York, Village Clerk