February 28, 2022 Minutes




February 28, 2022 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Isley, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Cheap, Alderman Hunt and Clerk York.


Absent: Alderman Tichy


Invocation and Call to Order given by Mr. Reich


A motion was made to approve the January 24, 2022 meeting minutes by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Isley. Motion carries 5-0


Public Comment

  1. Brett Jacobus Water Bill


Mr. Jacobus of 4403 Cornerstone Dr. stated he had a large leak in his irrigation system that lasted 18 days with 461,000 gallons of water lost. This leak happened in between water readings and was detected by him on January 25th. He was able to shut off the water and find the source of the leak which was a busted pvc pipe. Mr. Jacobus stated he is asking for a reasonable and significant adjustment to his water bill and suggested that the village take some means to detect larger leaks. He does understand that measures have been taken before by the village to alert homeowners to possible leaks with little satisfaction to the homeowner. He also understands that it may be cost prohibitive to install the equipment necessary for live readings.

Mayor Tichy stated that this leak was unusual due to the length of time it ran undetected. He also stated that while he has sympathy for Mr. Jacobus, installing a system of live meter reads is extremely expensive and that increase would fall on residents.

Mayor Tichy stated the policy the village has can extend his payment time for the bill, but a reduction is not possible because Burlington must be paid for the water used. He suggested that Mr. Jacobus could check with his homeowner’s insurance to see if there’s coverage for a catastrophic pipe break.


Alderman Cheap asked if the contractor could be held responsible but was informed the system had been in place for 15 years and it wasn’t winterized. There was a question about alerts in the system for leaks. Clerk York stated there are no live reports for water leaks. There are reports that can be accessed after meter readings that will show continuous leaks but there is not an automatic alert for large leaks.


Clerk York stated the meter for Mr. Jacobus was pulled and tested against a test meter and it showed to be reading accurately at 100 gallons per hour. Clerk York and Mr. Allred went out February 15th and read meters again to assure accuracy after Burlington put two new master meters in. The second reading lined up with Burlington and Mr. Jacobus meter was reading normal. The reason for the second reading was due to the Village reading higher numbers than Burlington for January, meaning more was billed out for than was paid to Burlington for sewer. This caught Clerk York’s attention because it’s so rare, however it had nothing to do with the leak as that was an irrigation meter and did not affect the sewer.

Mr. Jacobus stated he occasionally cuts the water off at the street for his irrigation system but there is still water in the lines, and he is unsure of how to prevent another leak.


Alderman Crouse stated he would like for Clerk York to put a notice in the newsletter for residents to winterize their irrigation systems. Mayor Tichy asked him to include that the town will turn off the irrigation meter for residents.



Jeremy Vestal stated he believes the city of Burlington is over chlorinating the water and it’s making his wife sick. He switched to bottled water and says his wife is feeling better drinking that. He stated he plans to return to well water.






Engineer Report


Mr. Reich stated that triangle paving and grading would be working in Heritage Glen, weather permitting, between March 15th and March 30th. They should be able to complete the work within 5 days if the weather is good. Phase 5-C in Heritage Glen has put in sewer service and Mr. Reich will be testing each service to approve it. He stated that the fees should be paid for this phase in the coming week.



ORC Report


Mr. Allred was not present, but his reports indicate all systems are running well. Mayor Tichy stated there were two water leaks at 3961 S. NC 62 one was the saddle feeding the house and the other was an 8-inch line that had a hole in it. These have been repaired.





Water Bill Adjustment Policy


Clerk York stated the policy for water bill adjustments will allow for sewer adjustments, if the water did not go down the sewer, but no adjustments for water loss. There is the ability to make a payment plan for large leaks.

A motion was made by Alderman Cheap to accept the water bill adjustment policy as written, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Isley. Motion carries 5-0




Planning Board Vacancy


Mayor Tichy would like the board to call a special meeting to interview the candidates for the planning board. The candidates are, Jeremy Vestal, Lorraine Ryan, Frank Andrews, and Felix Abu. The meeting will be set for Monday March 7th.



Zoning Ordinance Committee


Clerk York stated the ordinances are almost completely updated.




Finance Report/Budget Amendment


Clerk York stated he had one budget amendment. He will add $700 to the elections line item which he had previously budgeted $3000.00 for. The bill for the elections was higher than usual this year at $3,667.95 The money will be moved from the Capitol budget line item. A motion was made by Alderman Andrews to move $700 from the Capitol budget line to the election line, seconded by Alderman Cheap. Motion carries 5-0







Alderman Andrews suggested they offer Mr. Jacobus a payment plan. Clerk York stated he would get that worked out with him.




Motion to adjourn by Alderman Cheap, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 5-0

                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor



___________________________________Ben York, Village Clerk