January 26th, 2015 Minutes


January 26, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro Tem Tichy, Alderman Clemmons, Alderman Sharpe, Alderman Slaughter, Alderman Gregory and Clerk York.

Absent: Barry Crouse

Alderman Clemmons gave the invocation.

Alderman Sharpe moved to approve the December 15, 2014 meeting minutes. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich provided an update on the Cabin Pump Station Project. They have obtained the Connett easement. It was originally sent back without being notarized. Mr. Reich took it back this past weekend; everything is now squared away. He has the Connett easement in hand to give to Attorney Koonts. Mr. Reich has not heard back from Tim Crouse. He has called him three different times and does not have an email address. Mr. Reich has drafted a letter which he will review with Attorney Koonts. Mr. Reich referred to Attorney Koonts for an update on Mr. Kirkpatrick’s easement. Attorney Koonts stated that he has not spoken with either Mr. Crouse or Mr. Kirkpatrick. He has left voicemails for both of them. He is also sending them letters. There has been some conversation with them in the past. It is quiet from their side right now. Mayor Bundren asked if there was anything she could do, such as visit them. Attorney Koonts suggested they wait to see if there was a response in the next couple of weeks. If not, there may have to be a knock on the door. Even though Mr. Reich and Clerk York have done a great job running the numbers, sometimes it’s hard to get anybody to do anything for $200.00, which is the Kirkpatrick offer ($204.00). The offer may need to be increased, but they will cross that bridge when they get to it. It may take a knock on the door and an opportunity to talk to them.

Flooring for the Town Hall

Mayor Bundren reported that she, Clerk York, and Alderman Clemmons had met with Mike Davis on Friday. Mr. Davis has put together another proposal. Clerk York provided updated copies of the proposal for the Board. Mr. Davis addressed the Board. There is $3,956.03 available for flooring that the Board can determine how to spend. Mr. Davis suggests to demolish all the existing laminate flooring, everywhere. This includes the hallway, the Mayor’s Office, Clerk York’s Office, and the kitchen. This is approximately 1000 square feet. Alderman Gregory asked about the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Davis stated that the Sheriff’s Office has carpet. The carpet is 10 years old, but is still in great condition. They cannot obtain a match for the carpet. The building would end up with an “oddball” carpet in the Finance Office. Putting some type of flooring in the finance office is all that needs to be done. However, there is the opportunity to take the $3956.03 and apply it toward redoing the floors everywhere. Mayor Bundren reported that Floor Designs will supply the labor, at no cost, to remove and replace the furnishings, the existing laminate flooring, and the existing quarter round trim in the Clerk’s office if the Village would buy the laminate from them. This is because the laminate that is currently in place did not last for 20 years as had been promised when it was put in. When Mayor Bundren approached them about this is 2011, this is what they said they would do. The Board didn’t move forward on it at that time. They are still willing to honor that. Mr. Davis has also spoken with Floor Designs.

The proposal also includes painting. The Conference Room and the Finance Office have already been painted, as part of the insurance package. If the Board wishes to deduct the painting for the bathrooms that would decrease the cost by $341.59. Mr. Davis pointed out the decisions the Board would need to make. This includes selecting the desired flooring. If the existing quarter round is removed, and the Board wishes to use white, and the existing white comes up okay, it can be reused. However, if the Board wishes to change colors to match the flooring, they cannot stain over the painted quarter round. The cost could go down or up minimally, based on these choices. Mayor Bundren commented that choices were considered in the meeting on Friday with Mr. Davis, Alderman Clemmons, and Clerk York. Mr. Davis exhibited the selections and Mayor Bundren pointed out the one the group selected in the meeting. The Mayor observed that this selection is more in keeping with what is in style right now. She noted that, typically, the quarter round is the color of the flooring. Mr. Davis responded that this is 100% preference. He has worked with interior designers that do this both ways. Mayor Bundren commented that, if the quarter round will go back down, she would prefer it remain white. Mayor Bundren stated that before they decide on color, the Board needs to decide if they wish to move forward on the project. Mr. Davis summarized that the Board could spend $1100.00-$1200.00 and just put carpet in the Finance Office. Mayor Bundren stated that this was a good opportunity to get the flooring, with the $3900.00 to go toward the total cost. Mr. Davis added that the $1200.00 would come out of those monies, but this would not be exactly what the Board wants. The Mayor asked the Board for their opinions. Mr. Davis clarified that the mini warehouses, on the corner of Tucker Street and Chapel Hill Road, are being utilized. These warehouses are owned by John Hall, Mike Mays, and Lawson Brown. They agreed to ask the Board to pay $150.00 instead of $75.00 per month. Mayor Bundren asked Clerk York to send them a Thank You note. Mr. Davis stated that he already has the cost of moving things in storage, back into storage, in the budget. This will not need to be addressed again; it is inclusive. There are so many little parts that need to be addressed. Alderman Clemmons stated, that in looking this over, this would be a good project to do. It is time to do some painting and re-do the flooring. He summarized that he is okay with moving forward. The Town Hall is the one thing in the Village that is representative of the Village. It is where visitors and residents come. Mr. Davis added that Daniel, from Green Level, visited and commented that he wished he had such a facility in Green Level. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy stated that the Board should do this at this time. They can’t ignore the flooring problems that will get worse; this is the Village image. Mr. Davis reminded the Board that the system is a 5 mil clear coated floor. It is a night and day difference from the laminates of 7-8 years ago. This will be a full “through the color” with the clear coating on the top—a much improved product. It has a 15 year commercial warranty. Mayor Bundren stated after the last meeting, since there had been some hesitancy regarding purchasing flooring, she called Haw River Flooring to see if there was a discrepancy in the cost. They were very much in line with the costs as presented by Mr. Davis. Alderman Clemmons mentioned that he had considered wainscoting as he walked around. However, since the Board is spending more money, he has backed away from that. Mr. Davis reported that the wainscoting would cost in the range of $2100.00-$2300.00, for almost 60 feet. The baseboards would have to be removed, the wainscoting installed, a back board installed, the chair rail installed, the base reinstalled, and it all would have to be painted. It would be a lot more involved. Alderman Clemmons made the motion to accept the latest proposal, as presented by Mr. Davis of Stonewall Construction. Mr. Davis confirmed that they would go with the white, and reuse what is here, as far as the quarter round goes. They would go with the darker flooring. There was consensus on the choice. Mayor Bundren pointed out the total out-of-pocket cost of $7724.60. Mr. Davis stated his intent was to make the cost as small as possible, once they know about the quarter round. Mayor Bundren clarified that the cost should not exceed the $7724.60. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy then seconded the motion made by Alderman Clemmons. The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Bundren thanked Mr. Davis and asked him if he had a proposed timetable. Mr. Davis replied it will take a week or a week and a half to get the material on order. He is comfortable saying the work could be completed by the next Board meeting in February. It should be 100% completed by February 23, 2015, the date of the next Board meeting.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred was unable to attend the meeting. The Board reviewed the written report. Mayor Bundren asked about the new water lines in service. Clerk York stated these are the water lines in Phase 5 of Heritage Glen. The first part has been recorded, and the water lines have been tested. Mr. Reich added they were turned on to the system. They received the final approval back from the State. Arnold has flushed the lines again and put them in service. Mr. Reich asked Clerk York if he has received an updated water map. Clerk York replied that he has not received the map. Mr. Reich has asked the consultant to send an AUTOCAD version. He thinks this has been done, but is not 100% certain. He will double check on that. Arnold Allred has a specific way that he numbers the water valves. Mr. Reich will check on the map.

There was no further Old Business.


Lighting in Phase 5 of Heritage Glen

Clerk York addressed the lighting in Phase 5 of Heritage Glen. Usually high pressure sodium lighting is used. Others prefer LED lights. Clerk York asked if the Board had a preference. Alderman Clemmons asked about the cost difference. Clerk York indicated the LED lights cost a little more. The representative at Duke did not have the information about the cost difference. Alderman Clemmons pointed out that they needed to know that in order to make the decision. The question was raised about the lighting in the rest of Heritage Glen. Dan Tichy addressed that point. He does not know what type of lighting is in the rest of Heritage Glen, but he is curious to know what type of light was put in when they replaced the light by the Humphries’ house, following the car accident. Clerk York answered that it was a high pressure sodium light. Dan Tichy observed that the light shines down, and not out. It lights up more of the road than the ambient area. Alderman Clemmons asked when the Board had to make a decision. Clerk York responded that this could wait until the next meeting. Alderman Clemmons asked if someone from Duke Power could come and talk to the Board at the next meeting. Clerk York indicated he could try to find out the difference in cost per light. Alderman Clemmons responded that he is interested not just in cost, but in knowing the benefits of the lights, one to the other, as mentioned by Dan Tichy. Mayor Bundren pointed out the savings benefit of using LED lights. Dan Tichy commented that most of the light poles in Heritage Glen are very similar. Every once in a while, you find one that is brighter and illuminates downward better. There is one on Serenity which doesn’t illuminate anything. Clerk York said this may relate to the fixture that they used. Dan Tichy noted that the fixtures were not all the same. Clerk York summarized that the vast majority of lights in Heritage Glen are mercury vapor, which are not made anymore. The fixture on those is also not made anymore. The options are a flat fixture or a drop fixture. Clerk York will bring pictures for the Board to review. Alderman Tichy observed that the LED lights, over the long term, should cost less monthly. He is not sure how this is priced. Dan Tichy stated that, from the Homeowners’ Association standpoint, when they switched to LED lights at the front entrance, they cost about $4000.00 to install. They have already recouped the cost from the energy savings. Their Duke electric bill is approximately $50.00 as opposed to almost $200.00 per month for the old lights. Savings were much more than expected. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy noted that the Village is paying per light fixture. Clerk York added that the Village doesn’t pay for the installation. The LED light might cost more per month, as a unit, but not in terms of how much power it uses. The Village is not charged for the amount of power used. Mark Reich commented that it is a flat fee. Clerk York explained that the difference would likely be $1.00-$2.00 per month per light. Dan Tichy asked if the newer technology would benefit them. Alderman Gregory observed that it would be less energy they would be charging customers.

Budget Amendment

Clerk York presented the budget amendment. Money has been received from insurance. All of the costs related to the repair of the Finance Office, and the costs for flooring will be charged to the line item, Building Repairs, in the budget. At the beginning of the year, this line item was set at $5000.00. In order to cover all of the costs of the building repair and the flooring, the line item needs to be increased to $39,500.00. Clerk York referred to the line items being cut and additional revenues, in the document before the Board. He is putting the insurance proceeds under Miscellaneous Income. He is adding $26,500.00 to Miscellaneous Income. This is the amount of insurance received for the structural repairs. This does not includes funds for the replacement of desks or computers. This brings that line item up to $27,000.00. The difference between the $4000.00 that the Village is receiving from insurance and what will be spent on the flooring is approximately $8000.00. Clerk York estimates that the Village will receive $8000.00 more in sales tax than budgeted at the beginning of the year. This increases the $175,000.00 received from sales tax to $183,000.00. The Village should easily receive that, as it received more than that last year. Clerk York intentionally budgets sales tax lower at the beginning of the year, in case something happens and the amount dips. Currently, the Village is receiving $16,000.00-$17,000.00 per month in sales tax. Mayor Bundren asked for clarification that all the insurance money has all been received and calculated. Clerk York responded that he didn’t adjust up for the replacement of the desks and the computers. This goes in a different line item. Mayor Bundren asked if the $26,500.00 was all of the insurance money and if the costs for replacement of the desks and computers would be out-of-pocket. Clerk York explained that the replacement costs for these items will still come out of the insurance money. Mayor Bundren asked how much was left in the insurance money for these replacements. Clerk York reported that $4672.00 remains to cover those items. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy observed that the building repairs and flooring are on the capital side of the budget. Clerk York stated that he could add the $4672.00 to Miscellaneous Income and increase the Capital Furniture Expense line item to $4672.00. Mayor Bundren explained she wanted to confirm that the replacement costs for the desks and computers would be from the insurance money, not out-of-pocket. Clerk York reaffirmed that these would not be out-of-pocket costs. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy confirmed with Clerk York that it is only the capital repair costs that are represented in the budget amendment. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy made the motion to approve the budget amendment as presented. Alderman Sharpe seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York referred to the printed Finance Report. The CD that matured in December earned $334.00 in interest and renewed at the rate of .6%. The CD that matured in January earned $669.00 in interest and renewed at .7%. The December CD was originally at the rate of .4%; the January CD was at .6%. So they are each renewing at a higher interest rate. The total interest over the last 12 months, from February through January this year, is $6820.00. All the budgeted items seem to be fine and are on track. Yard waste may have to be adjusted before the end of the year. Otherwise, everything looks fine and revenue looks good too. Mayor Bundren asked if there were any questions. There were no questions.


Alderman Slaughter informed the Board, that even though she still owns a home in the Village, she has recently moved to Graham. She will have to resign from the Board of Aldermen. Mayor Bundren expressed her appreciation for all that Alderman Slaughter has done. She explained that the Board needed to make a decision on a replacement for Alderman Slaughter. Dan Tichy has expressed a desire to serve on the Board, which means he would serve out the remainder of Alderman Slaughter’s term. She asked if the Board had any other thoughts on the matter. Clerk York confirmed that Alderman Slaughter was elected in 2013. Whoever is appointed would serve until November and would need to be elected to finish out the last two years. Mayor Bundren asked the Board if they knew of anyone else who might be interested in serving on the Board of Aldermen. Alderman Gregory mentioned Shawn Mashburn. Mayor Bundren indicated she had not heard anything else from him. She noted that Dan Tichy has been in attendance at the meetings and is familiar with what is going on now. This would not be a bad selection, in her opinion. She asked Dan Tichy if this would have any impact on him, in relation to the Homeowners’ Association. Mr. Tichy stated that there shouldn’t be any conflict of interest. They are two separate entities. The only other thing that might be a conflict of interest would be the Planning Board. Clerk York stated that Mr. Tichy would need to resign from the Planning Board. Dan Tichy indicated this was up to the Board, as to whether he could better serve the Village on the Planning Board and Homeowners. Or, if the Board thinks he is better suited to serve as Alderman, he will gladly finish out the term. He stated the Board might wish to talk to Shawn as well. Dan Tichy expressed that he wanted to help out the Village, in the best way he can. He wants to be involved. Mayor Bundren expressed her appreciation to Mr. Tichy. Alderman Clemmons said that he has personally seen Dan Tichy navigate issues very well. He has been present for meetings. Alderman Clemmons summarized that he would be okay with Dan Tichy finishing out the term on the Board. Alderman Clemmons made the motion to appoint Dan Tichy to replace Alderman Slaughter. Alderman Gregory seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Clerk York stated that he would need to check, but suggested that Alderman Slaughter would need to submit something to the Board of Elections, informing them that she has resigned. The Village may need to transmit a letter also, informing that a replacement has been appointed.

Mark Reich followed up on the discussion about stop signs that had begun at the last meeting. He presented a map which graphically shows where the stop signs are located. There was discussion about putting a four-way stop at the intersection of Freedom and Brookstone. Mr. Reich confirmed with Clerk York that this was the request he had received. There had also been concerns about speeding issues and the need for traffic devices. The map can assist with discussion on that, as well, if the Board wishes. Mr. Reich stated that he felt the layout of the signs currently there is sufficient. Mayor Bundren asked about Midland Court and whether there was a stop sign there. Mr. Reich stated there is not a stop sign there. He agreed there probably does need to be a stop sign there, at that intersection. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy suggested that Serenity to Liberty needs one also. Alderman Clemmons stated that one is needed at Brookstone and Yorkshire. Mr. Reich noted this was not yet on the map, but he will get that added. There will be a stop sign there. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy mentioned that the request on Brookstone was because of traffic due to construction. He asked if a stop sign could be put in, on a temporary basis, just for the duration of construction. This would keep the traffic slowed down through that section. Mr. Reich informed that what they have done in other municipalities has worked reasonably well. He cautioned that often there are complaints from citizens about having to make one or two additional stops. They have seen speed humps to be an effective tool. A speed hump is not like a speed bump. Speed bumps are much more dangerous and cause more damage to emergency vehicles. They are not recommended. Speed humps are sometimes referred to as speed tables. There are some at Elon. The issue with those is they do slow down emergency vehicles. There are two ways of thinking about this. One is that the emergency vehicles need to reach their destination as quickly as they can. The other issue is the traffic. Mr. Reich stated there should be some community input, if they do something. Freedom and Brookstone is relatively close to Heritage Lane. A four-way stop there may not be a great thing. Mayor Bundren asked where the most problems with speeding were occurring. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy advised that Cornerstone, where the accident occurred, poses a problem with speeding. Dan Tichy used the map to describe speeding problems, and show where the accident happened. He numbered the 4 worst areas for speeding. Mayor Bundren asked if there were any “Children At Play Signs” posted. Dan Tichy explained that there are some of these signs in the neighborhood. There are more kids in the neighborhood now, than when the signs were originally placed. He said perhaps people don’t realize the speed they are driving. Mr. Tichy drives 25mph in the neighborhood and there are two cars right on his rear bumper, coming down Heritage. The other night someone was blowing their horn because he wasn’t going fast enough. He drove 25mph on purpose to demonstrate the speed limit. His house is on a blind corner, and he has two kids. People come around that corner, speeding, and his kids are right there. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy pointed out another corner on the map, on Cornerstone, that is also very dangerous. He won’t walk on that side of the street; traffic cannot see you. This doesn’t mean the kids know enough to do that, though. Dan Tichy said he personally doesn’t know that more stop signs will stop the problems. It is going to take working with the Sheriff’s Department, and having them place a few cars, and write tickets for a couple of days—or monitor for a couple of months in a row. Alderman Clemmons reminded that speeding is a problem on NC 62 also. The question is about adding stop signs, as discussed at the last meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy suggested tabling the stop signs and approaching the Sheriff’s Department. He added that people are worried about the construction and traffic issues. He suggested waiting to see if there is going to be a problem. D.R. Horton has promised this will not be a problem. They should give the contractors an opportunity to do what they say they will do. Dan Tichy added that D.R. Horton has assured him, that if they catch any of their contractors speeding, they should report them. They will be giving him a number to contact. They have to obtain the name of the contractor, not just provide a vehicle description. Mayor Bundren reminded that the Board is doing all they can do on the streets they have control over. DOT controls Highway 62. The Board did change the speed limit, but this is a state highway. When the Board discusses what they can and can’t do, this has to be considered. Sherry Ford asked how Elon University was able to do something on Highway 100. Mr. Reich stated that you can always make a request to NC DOT. Whether or not they adhere to it is not known; when a Board makes a request they do look at that a little more strongly. Mr. Reich doesn’t know that DOT would go lower than 35mph. They will not consider a speed bump or anything. East Haggard is the street Ms. Ford referred to earlier. About the only time DOT will consider speed devices is in relation to a university. They will put them in where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. There is not a lot of pedestrian traffic on Highway 62. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy summarized the consensus to table this item, get the Sheriff’s Department to enforce the speed limit, and see if D.R. Horton will keep the construction traffic under control. Attorney Koonts asked if a stationary radar device had been tried. Mayor Bundren observed that this has not been tried at Heritage Glen, but has been used in the Village several times. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy stated that this had been tried at Heritage Glen about 4 or 5 years ago, on Heritage Lane. People zipped by it and ignored it. Mayor Bundren noted there is one on Williamson right now.

The Board tabled this item. Dan Tichy will contact the Sheriff’s Department regarding Heritage Glen.

Public Comments

Alderman Clemmons thanked Alderman Slaughter for her service. She has added a lot to the Board. Alderman Clemmons expressed his appreciation for her service. Alderman Slaughter said that she had enjoyed her time on the Board and had learned a lot. Alderman Clemmons wished her luck.

Dan Tichy raised a question about yard waste. Christmas trees were picked up in January, but no other yard waste was picked up. Clerk York said this was a result of a change in staff at Waste Industries. A new staff member thought they were just picking up Christmas trees. They are supposed to pick everything else up. Dan Tichy asked when this would happen. There are quite a few homeowners with yard waste piles that need to be picked up. Clerk York will call Waste Industries again. They were supposed to come by last week, and the week before that. Mayor Bundren suggested that an email be sent out, in case others want to put yard waste out on that particular day.

Sherry Ford voiced concern that, as far as she knows, there is no one on the Board who represents the original Village of Alamance. Alderman Clemmons pointed out that Naydine Sharpe represents the original Village. Ms. Ford stated that she is referring to the lower end of the Village. The Village was considered from the service station to the creek. She feels that it is not represented. Alderman Clemmons reminded that there is an election coming up. He will not be running for election. There will be a seat. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy spoke that people need to volunteer and express an interest. The Board has trouble coming up with people to serve. If anyone is interested, they could come to the meetings and learn. Myra Slaughter will be missed.

Mayor Bundren thanked everyone for their comments.

Alderman Gregory moved to adjourn and Mayor Pro Tem Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.