July 25th, 2016 Minutes


July 25, 2016 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Isley, Alderman Jones, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Tichy and Clerk York


The meeting opened with a group invocation of the Lord’s Prayer.


Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich reported there are still a couple of minor things to complete and he will get with the contractor to square those things away. Mr. Reich still has his pay and once these issues are resolved he will sign it and send it here for approval. While things are working fine for the most part, something is tripping out the lights. It’s possible that it is a power surge. The first time could have been due to a lighting strike but it has happened when lighting was not present. With the grid being at max its possible to get surges, they are checking on it. Clerk York confirmed with Mr. Reich that there was enough left in the syphon account to cover expenses.

Mr. Reich reported that curbing had been put in at Heritage Glen and some grading had been done as well. Mayor Tichy noted that it looked good when he saw it. Mr. Reich handed the board a series of emails from Brad Mutton, relaying that it will be almost impossible to obtain a permit for the creek crossing for serenity court because the old permit was never obtained by the previous developer. He suggested that putting two cul-de-sacs in would be a viable option, without having to get a permit. Mr. Reich stated this could have an impact on existing subdivisions, so his recommendation is allowing the developer to use two cul-de-sacs, in order to avoid the hardship of obtaining the permit. He showed the board alternative plans for putting in the culvert crossing the stream. It would be between lots 48 & 41, and 49 & 47. The alternative does not change the lot count and complies with all ordinances. All lots comply with the 15,000 sq. ft. or greater minimum. Mayor Tichy has no objections. It will need to get preliminary plan approval, and possibly get final plan approval at the same during the next planning and zoning meeting. Mr. Reich advised Chris Faust, the developer, to make an application to amend the preliminary plan and explain to the board the changes and the board will need to act on it. It could possibly just be amended. it was advised to email the homeowners association to tell them about the change. The fire marshal and fire dept. are in agreement with the changes, as well. There needs to be a new name for the street across from Serenity Dr., in order to eliminate to confusion, especially for emergency responders.

Historic District Commission

This item was tabled.

Clean Up of Properties on Alamance Loop Road

Clerk York had nothing new to report since last meeting. Mark has been working on the property. There have been no new complaints since the original.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred reports that the birch station is running fine, they have serviced the generator and changed the oil. The syphon has a tremendous amount of non- disposable rags coming in which seem to be coming from Heritage Glen. Arnold asked if something could be put in the newsletter regarding proper disposal of these items. There was a mixer fault at NC 62 with high levels, Arnold thinks the floats were set to low so he raised them up. Manhole and creek inspections were done over the weekend. The free chlorine switch over went very smooth. We will be switching back to chlorine August 1st. It was noted that some residence reported a strong smell or taste to the water. This normal during the burnout process. Gallons flushed, 92,925 gallons is what it took to flush the system to get the chloramines out and the chlorine in. Arnold reports they have been working on the valve program, exercising all the valves. Arnold has someone coming Thursday from the rural water association to see if they can locate any leaks. It appears that about 20 gallons a minute is being lost from the Birch area, between town hall and Kimesville Rd.


Part-time position

Clerk York reports he has only had a few resumes come in at this time. Mayor Tichy asked if anyone from the board was willing to sit in on interviews. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe volunteered as well as Clerk York. Mayor Tichy suggested they decide on times that were suitable for all of them to conduct interviews.

Golf cart update

Clerk York stated there had been a question at the last meeting regarding weather a golf cart ordinance existed. He found that around 2007-2008, a consideration had been made by the board to allow golf carts in the Village but Mr. Bateman, the town attorney at the time, advised against it and the board did not pursue it because once something is passed allowing them, you become responsible for having them in the village. The golf cart issue was brought up again a couple of years ago, and it was found that there is a state law against them being on streets, and that information was put in the newsletter for the Village. The village does not have any ordinances regarding golf carts at all. If one was created, it should be known that the Village is liable for any issues and enforcing the ordinance. A question from the audience came up asking if the Village was having trouble with people riding golf carts in town. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe answered that they were having an issue, mainly with children driving them. It was discussed that the meter reader rode one to check meters, but he is not a town employee. The Village needs to be educated on the state law and the fact that there is no ordinance from the town. Alderman Tichy suggested something be written in the newsletter again stating that no golf carts are allowed on the roads, by law, and to also include in that list ATVs and any unregistered vehicles. Include the number for the sheriff’s dept. to report anyone breaking this law.

Yard signs

The town ordinance addresses when someone can have a yard sale and what the fee is. It does not address whether one can put up signs. Mayor Tichy would like to address signage, such as yard sale, private events and such being removed within 24 hrs of the event. It is not certain yet what the penalty would be for not obeying it. Attorney Koonts suggested that a simple penalty could be not issuing another permit to a household if their signs aren’t removed after event. Clerk York stated that although the village has a sign ordinance, it is not a very strong one. It was discussed that the sign ordinance should be looked at again, and brought up to date.

Finance report

Clerk York reported that the cd balances were at 907,000. It had been at 1.6 million, but they were mostly cashed for the siphon project. The interest over the last 12 months was 11,600. One of the cds was deposited at Wells Fargo because Carters is no longer doing cds. Clerk York reported he is looking for another bank to place the cds, at this point no one is giving a good interest rate. Clerk York reported that with all the funds added together the approximate cash available was 1.9 million, and that would be after the syphon project.


Alderman Tichy made note that the Elliott household, 4597 Cornerstone Dr, the grass is well over 18 inches and there is a large pile of junk sitting in the driveway. Clerk York stated he had an address where the mail was being sent and he would send a letter out to them. Alderman Tichy stated that everything the homeowner’s association had done to that point had gone unanswered. Mayor Tichy suggested that a formal letter be sent out to them that the property would be mowed at their expense. He also explained that the property was being foreclosed on. Alderman Tichy also stated that there was some landscaping mess at an apartment complex and Clerk York said he would talk with Ernie and Louis about getting it cleaned up.

Alderman Tichy brought up making improvements in the office with regards to upgrading the copier and computers. Clerk York stated a good copier/printer and a folder for water bills would be helpful.

Alderman Andrews asked why the speed limit had been changed on Alamance Rd from 45 to 35 and Mayor Tichy stated that the state had made the change because of safety reasons with regards to the school and playground so close.

Public Comment

Randy Smith made a statement from the audience that if the state was concerned about safety they should say something about people parking all over the side of the road when picking up children from school. He also stated that the sheriff’s dept. doesn’t do anything about golf carts at Halloween when people are driving all around trick or treaters. Mayor Tichy responded that unless there was a complaint about the golf carts the sheriff’s dept. would not respond to the problem. There was talk concerning a bypass in the area that would hopefully take place in the next 10 years, but at this time the state was underfunded for more pressing projects.