July 26th, 2010 Minutes


July 26, 2010 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Alderman Jones, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Slaughter, Alderman Clemmons, Alderman Tichy, Clerk York.

Absent: Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe

Alderman Clemmons gave the invocation.

Alderman Crouse moved to approve the June 28th meeting minutes. Alderman Clemmons seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Plaid Day

Clerk York mentioned the raffle for an IPAD and that tickets are being sold for $1 each. Clerk York stated that five vendors are lined up to sell their wares during the festival. He has spoken to a lady who will set up and demonstrate how plaid fabric is made. The food vendors have been secured and entertainment is still being worked on. Mayor Bundren suggested that those selling tickets might benefit from sending an e-mail to those in their address list. She has sold a lot of tickets that way.

CDBG Project

Marc Reich approached the Board and explained that he put a call in to Michael Walser regarding the easements but he had not heard back from him prior to the meeting. Work will begin just as soon as the easements are approved.

Second Connection Project

Mr. Reich explained to the Board that the contractor did finish the final 18 inch bore process and then experienced a seal leak on his machine which caused a week long delay. Last Friday morning the pipe was being pulled through from the Village side of the creek about 200 feet underneath the creek. The pipe is now 8 feet up the bank on the City of Burlington side of the creek. They were 21 feet deep of the bore. At that point it stopped. Another backhoe was being used to help push the line through. It is likely that the pipe is stuck on some rock. The contractor is still working and may have to build a small tunnel to find where the pipe is stuck in the rock and pull it on through. The hole is 18 inches and the pipe has an outside diameter of 12.75 inches. The Village may have to incur a fee for rock excavation.

Report on Cabin Pump Station Access Road


ORC Report

Mr. Allred approached the Board and explained that on the collection system side the Cabin Pump Station had a pump seal failure light come on. This light alerts him that water has mixed with oil in the pump. Johnny’s Plumbing pulled the pump and Clayton Electric Motor Repair fixed the bad seal. The pump has been placed back into the wet well and is working fine. The Cabin Pump Station has a lot of grease build up in it as well so Clerk York ordered a degreaser to cut the grease and keep it from hanging up on the floats. Mayor Bundren asked how much the pump repair work cost. Clerk York said that it cost about $2900. Clerk York estimated the removal of the pump would cost $800. Mr. Allred said that a new pump was $20,000. Alderman Crouse asked if Mr. Allred has come across any used pumps for sale. Mr. Allred said that it is not a good idea to buy a used pump. Mr. Reich mentioned getting a mixer for the pump station. Mr. Allred said that that may not be practical for the Cabin pump station. Mr. Allred said that everything is working fine at the Hwy. 62 Pump Station.

Mr. Allred told the Board that on the distribution system side he has been doing some flushing due to resident complaints on Ashe Drive and Freedom Drive. Mr. Allred explained that on July 27th at 9:15am he and a representative from the City of Burlington were meeting to both take three samples of the water coming into the Village. Three different labs will test the water coming from Burlington to the Village. Meritech Labs will test their sample for no charge to the Village.

Alderman Crouse told the Board and Mr. Allred that the E. M. Holt Fire Department is receptive to conducting the valve exercise test that is required by the State from the Village. They will do this at the same time as they are testing fire hydrants for pressure. They will notify Mr. Allred at the time they begin the program. This will begin as soon as the new water connection is completed. A log will be kept, which may be a spreadsheet or a map of the hydrants.


Meter Reader

Clerk York addressed the Board giving them a resume for James Elliott. Clerk York explained that Mr. Elliott read the meters on Saturday from 6am-6pm. Mr. Elliott is willing to read the meters for a fee of $200.00. Mr. Elliott is also qualified and interested in working for the Village as a part time employee that can be called on an as needed basis. Mr. York proposed to the Board that Mr. Elliott be brought in as a part time employee and offer him $15 per hour as jobs come up. Clerk York has checked with other municipalities and that rate is similar to what municipalities pay for their maintenance workers. He would be covered by workers comp. Mayor Bundren asked if funds had been set aside for a part time maintenance man. Clerk York said that funds had not been set aside for a maintenance position but there are other line items that could be reduced to allow for a maintenance position. Mr. Tichy said that the maintenance line item could be reduced to allow for a part time maintenance position. Alderman

Clemmons was in favor of hiring a meter reader and Alderman Tichy said it is obvious that Gibsonville is happy with him. Alderman Crouse said that Gibsonville would have done a background check on him. Alderman Tichy said that anything bad would have come back to Gibsonville. Alderman Clemmons moved to hire Mr. James Elliott, Jr. for $15 per hour as an “as needed” part time maintenance employee and meter reader for the Village of Alamance. Alderman Tichy seconded the Motion. The Motion passed unanimously.

Budget Amendment

Clerk York explained that there is one item in the General Fund that needed to be amended. The Animal Shelter in Burlington has raised the cost to the Village for their services an additional $260.00 this year. The Total cost for the Village this year to Burlington Animal Shelter will be $1,900.00. Mayor Bundren asked why Capital expense had been used to pay for this amendment. Clerk York said that that line item is rarely used. Alderman Clemmons moved to approve the budget amendment. Alderman Crouse seconded the Motion. The Motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York told the Board that the 90 day Certificate of Deposit purchased from Carter Bank for $89,931.06 matured on July 19, 2010. It had earned $244.16 in interest. The total value with interest is now $90,175.22. A new Certificate of Deposit was purchased from Carter Bank at a rate of 1.1%. The Secretary of State Office of North Carolina is no longer allowing public fund Certificate of Deposit to rollover. A new Certificate of Deposit must be purchased each 90 days. Alderman Clemmons suggested the Board consider purchasing a six month Certificate of Deposit. He and Clerk York will look into the rates for a six month Certificate of Deposit.

Other Business

Accessible Outfalls

Mayor Bundren asked if Mr. Saxon of Accessible Outfalls would be attending the meetings to answer questions. Mr. Allred said that he had asked Mr. Saxon to run everything by him. Mayor Bundren asked if the heavy traffic on the outfall was the reason why lids had been knocked off. Mr. Allred said that it could be. Mayor Bundren said that she thought the Board had decided to install fiberglass poles to prevent this. Alderman Crouse said that they had discussed markers but had not decided on putting them up. Mr. Allred said that if Mr. Saxon keeps the line mowed, the lids should not come off.

Mayor Bundren asked if Mr. Saxon was going to mow regularly. Mr. Allred said that he would mow as needed. Mr. Allred thought that Mr. Saxon had been talking about keeping people off that part of the outfall. Alderman Crouse said that people should be kept off the outfall. Mr. Allred said that that might make some people mad.

He said that Mr. Saxon had trouble mowing the cabin outfall because of a gate blocking entrance to the property. Attorney Bateman said that we should cut the line. Mr. Allred said that he thought the line would be cut in an emergency. He said that there are two fences. Mr. Saxon is mowing on one side of one fence and then going around to the other side and mowing to the other fence. He said that the owner of the property keeps the grass between the fences mowed. He would also like to see people kept off the outfall, but that is a difficult thing to do.

Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Allred to check with Mr. Saxon about what he would charge to install fiberglass poles on those portions he finds to be heavily trafficked. Mayor Bundren asked why Mr. Saxon could not enter the area at the NC 62 pump station. Mr. Allred said that the fence was locked. Clerk York said that he would provide a key to the pump station.

Direct Deposit

Alderman Jones asked on behalf of a resident about the possibility of having water bills drafted from resident’s accounts as a form of payment. Mayor Bundren explained that she called Wachovia to explore the cost of direct deposit payments. The first year would cost $2,000.00 because of set up and drop down to $1,600.00 each year thereafter. Clerk York said that other local municipalities had more than 10% participation from the residents. Mayor Bundren said that she pays many bills online and does not prefer drafting. Alderman Jones asked if there has been a problem with lost checks. Clerk York said that it not a common occurrence. Mayor Bundren asked how many late pays Clerk York has per month. Clerk York said that it was around 30 – 45. He has about 16 or 17 customers that get a one day until disconnection notice. Mayor Bundren asked if Clerk York was charging a late penalty. Clerk York said that he was. He said that the same people pay late each time. Clerk York gives ten days from the late notice to pay their bill. After ten days the customer receives a one day notice and then their water is disconnected. Alderman Clemons said that he thought the fees for direct deposit were too high. He said that it could be done for less. He asked if we should shop other banks. Mayor Bundren asked Alderman Clemmons to research other local banks for direct deposit fees if the Village moved all its operating account to another bank. Alderman Clemmons will report back to the Board next month. Alderman Jones said that the original reason the Board had moved its account to Wachovia was for the earnings that Wachovia had on their government account. Alderman Clemmons said that there is value in the customer service we get. Alderman Slaughter asked what the minimum water bill was. Clerk York said that the Village charges a flat fee of $17.50. There is no minimum usage.

Mayor Bundren asked Alderman Crouse if he had spoken to Mr. Moore’s son about the Mayflower sign. Alderman Crouse said that the son had said that he didn’t think that it would be a problem, but he would check and make sure. Alderman Crouse said that he has not heard back, but he will check on it the next day.

Clerk York told the Board that the Village has an active safety deposit box at Sun Trust Bank at a cost of $40.00 a year. He said that the only things in the box are records of old CD’s. There is nothing of value in the box and he suggested that the Board close the account. Alderman Clemmons suggested Clerk York take Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe with him to close the safety deposit box. He also suggested a copy be made of the signature card incase any questions arose in the future.

Alderman Jones asked if CT Nassau had mowed the wall between CT Nassau and Fogleman’s Upholstery. Clerk York said that that land is owned by Mr. Shackleford. Clerk York said that he would speak to him.

Alderman Crouse moved to adjourn the meeting and Alderman Clemmons seconded the Motion. The Motion passed unanimously.