June 26th, 2017 Minutes


June 26, 2017

Present: Mayor Tichy, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Jones, Mark Reich, Attorney Koonts and Clerk York

Alderman Crouse led the invocation

Alderman Tichy moved to approve the May 22, 2017 meeting minutes and Alderman Jones seconded. The motion passed 6-0.

Public Hearing

Alderman Tichy made a motion to go into a public hearing for the 2017-2018 budget, seconded by Alderman Andrews, motion passed 6-0. Clerk York stated the tax rate would remain the same of 0.20 cents. The water rate will increase from $5.46 to $5.52 and sewer will increase from $6.38 to $6.49. Clerk York informed the Board that the City of Burlington did not increase their sewer rates when they passed their new budget. It is the Boards decision to keep the proposed increase in sewer rates. Clerk York stated the Powell Bill balance is good for the coming year. Alderman Crouse made a motion to go out of public hearing, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, motion passed 6-0. Mayor Tichy took a motion to accept the Budget as proposed. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made a motion to accept, seconded by Alderman Crouse, motion carries 6-0.


Village Website

Tabled until next month.

ORC Report

Mr. Allred reported that the Birch station was working well. The Syphon station is still having problems with tripping out even though a new controller was installed. There are several people working on it and it is still under warranty. The NC 62 station is working well now.

Mr. Allred did the six-month line inspection and everything looked good.

There will be a state inspection of the Sewer System on July 11th . Mr. Allred and Clerk York are ready. The THM testing came out fine for May.

Mr. Allred will have Clerk York send out a letter informing the the three backflow systems that they need to have their system inspected.

Alderman Jones asked to change the name of the Siphon from Cabin to Pond Rd. Mr. Allred stated that they would have to go through the State to rename a road.

Mark Reich: Report on Street Maintenance

Tabled until next month due to Mr. Reich’s absence.


Audit Contract 2017

Clerk York stated the contract was similar in cost to last years. Alderman Crouse made a motion to approve the contract, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion passed 6-0.

Trash and Recycle

Clerk York stated that there would be a one year contract extension with Waste Industries. Yard waste will continue for that year, subcontracted by Waste Industries. Alderman Tichy made a motion to accept the one year extension, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 6-0.

Snow Removal 2017

Clerk York stated that the proposal from Wild Wood Timbers was the same as it had been with Color Landscapes. There would be no price changes for this year. Wild Wood only has one other snow removal customer, so the Village will be a priority. The Board would like to have Mr. Koonts look over the contract and decide next month.

Finance Report

Clerk York stated that the new amendments were created to ensure that enough funds were present to finish out the fiscal year, just as a precaution. The revenue has been far ahead of expenses, the Village continues to have a healthy surplus.

Motion made by Alderman Crouse to accept the Budget, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 6-0


Clerk York informed the board that there has been some interest in being able to set up food trucks in the Village or have special use permission to have a restaurant. Clerk York has started the research into implementing these ordinances in The Village. There is a possibility of being able to modify the schedule of permitted uses, addressing the parking issues, instead of creating new ordinances. Further information will be presented at a later date.

Public Comment

Elizabeth Ford asked if any information had been found out about restricting parking in front yards. Attorney Koonts is looking into it.

Alderman Crouse motioned to adjourn and Alderman Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.