March 25th, 2019 Minutes


March 25, 2019 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.

Absent: Alderman Crouse

Mr. Reich gave the invocation.

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made a motion to approve the January 28, 2018 minutes, seconded by Alderman Isley. Motion carries 5-0

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe stated that some type of minutes should be typed up acknowledging that a meeting was held even when there are not enough members present to hold a quorum. Clerk York stated that he would have something typed to acknowledge that the board met in February.


Village Website

Clerk York stated that he would receive training on how to use the new website on Wednesday. Clerk York stated that as soon as the payment system with QS1 was fully set up the site would go live. He anticipates this happening within the next week.

Engineer Report
Mr. Reich stated he received Mr. Slaughter’s easement and has spoken to the contractor. The rain has caused delays, but the contractor hopes to start the sidewalk project within the next 4 to 6 weeks, barring any more rain. Mr. Reich stated Mrs. Ford needed a document stating their retaining wall would be protected.

Mr. Reich stated that he had looked at NC 62 and noticed alligator cracking. He has been unable to contact Chuck Edwards of NCDOT, due to his being out of the office for illness. As soon as he can talk with him he will email with the dates they can start paving.

Mayor Tichy noted that when AT&T finished working in Heritage Glen they left the asphalt buckled at Mooreland and Cornerstone which needs to be fixed. There is also a hole that needs to be patched at Cornerstone and Liberty. Mr. Reich stated that if Clerk York could find a contact person he would be glad to contact AT&T regarding their repair policy. Alderman Isley stated he had a contact number left on his door that he could call if there were any issues. The number will be shared with Mr. Reich and Clerk York.

Montessori School

There are no new updates for the school.

ORC Report
Mr. Allred was absent from the meeting due to a funeral. Mayor Tichy looked over the ORC report and everything looked good, no problems to report.


Finance Report/Budget Amendment

Clerk York stated there was one budget amendment, for USIC locating service. The Village hires USIC for their locating service and it was used more than average while AT&T was laying fiber optic cable. The bill for this month was $8500.00, which is usually budgeted for the whole year. A budget amendment needs to be made to pay this bill.

Clerk York stated he was going to appropriate $8,500.00 from the Water and Sewer fund balance to cover this expense plus $1500 more to taps and meters because that balance was used earlier this year.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to approve the budgeted line item, seconded by Alderman Isley. Motion carries 5-0


Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe stated that the Alamance News ran an article listing all the municipalities in Alamance County, with census type data, and failed to include The Village. Clerk York stated he would contact them and request they add The Village the next time they publish that kind of data.

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe stated she would like to see something done with the water tower. It has been suggested having The Village of Alamance painted on it or taking it completely down. Clerk York stated The Village does not own the tower. Clerk York will look into the cost of painting it and place it on next month’s meeting agenda.

Public Comment

Elizabeth Powell asked that something be done about the junk pile in Ron Senecal’s back yard. She also stated the boarding house had trash that needed to be tended to.

Alderman Andrews asked that Mr. Allred look at her water because she has had problems for years and she states the water smells and leaves her tubs discolored. It was suggested that Mr. Allred take a Bac-T test from that area. The lines could also be flushed.

An audience member stated he thought AT&T should have had to apply for permits before they could come in and do the cable work. Mayor Tichy stated that utility company’s have a right of access and don’t need permits to work.

Motion made to adjourn made by Alderman Tichy, seconded by Alderman Andrews. Motion passed 5-0