March 27, 2023 Minutes




March 27, 2023 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Isley, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Hunt, Alderman Cheap and Clerk York.


Absent:  Alderman Tichy, Alderman Crouse


Invocation and Call to Order given by Mark Reich


A motion was made to approve the February 27, 2023, meeting minutes by Mayor Pro-Tem Isley, seconded by Alderman Cheap. Motion carries 5-0


Public Comment


Sam Unsworth of Massey Commercial Real Estate. He represents Mike Davis and Doug Massey on their Commercial Building at 2858 Rob Shepard Drive.  Mike Davis was present as well. They intend to sell the building.  The biggest hinderance is that the upstairs is not finished.  The maximum use for the upstairs is to make condo units.  They would like to make three.  The bottom floor would remain as offices.  The Village Zoning does not allow for multi-family.  He wanted to get some feedback from the Board.  He understands that the Board doesn’t like apartment or condominium uses. The Board would not be receptive to something like a 48 unit apartment complex.  He said that this is just three units.


Mayor Tichy said the Board just wrote a new Zoning Ordinance last year.  There was unanimous agreement against multi family housing in the Village.  Mayor Tichy confirmed that Rob Shepard Drive was in the Multi Use District.  Mayor Tichy asked Attorney Koonts if rezoning or a variance would be appropriate.  Attorney Koonts responded that the area would need to be rezoned to include multi family.  Mr. Unsworth said that the Village’s Ordinance defines multi family as three units whereas most other municipalities classify it as four.


Mike Davis asked if  other language could be used instead of multifamily.  Mayor Tichy said that the language wasn’t the issue.  The Board of Alderman and Planning Board were not in support of Multifamily housing.  Another issue is that the Village is coming close to their sewer capacity limits.  We have about 200 homes that could be built in the Village.  He is not sure how many lots we are required to serve.  You can always ask the Planning Board to reconsider it.  Once you allow it, it becomes difficult to control.


Mr. Unsworth asked what the Board would like to see in that locations.  He said they would like to see more stores or restaurants.  Alderman Cheap asked how much square footage there was on each floor.  Mr. Unsworth replied 5,500 square feet.  The units would be around 1,600 to 1,700 square feet each.  Alderman Cheap asked if two units would meet the zoning ordinance.  Attorney Koonts said that we would have to take a look at it with staff.  Alderman Andrews asked if this would have to go to the Planning Board first.  Clerk York said that staff would review a request first and then send it to the Planning Board.


Alderman Cheap asked how much of the unfinished second floor is left to be completed?  Mr. Unsworth said that the electrical and plumbing is ready.  The unit just needs to be finished.  Someone suggested putting an event center in the building. Mr. Unsworth said that there can be problems with event centers and there are already a lot of those type of uses in the county.  Mike Davis said that they would follow up with Clerk York.


Mr. Unsworth also represents Dr. Patterson who wishes to sell the lot behind his dental office at 2869 Rob Shepard Drive.  The potential buyer is looking at putting two buildings on the lot in addition to the building that is there.  Mayor Tichy said that he would have to submit plans to the Planning Board and staff.  Mr. Unsworth said he understood.





Engineer Report


(The engineers report for March 2023 is incorporated and made a part of these minutes)

The deeds have been recorded and sent to the NC Division of Water Quality.  They have also sent a copy of the sewer permit received from the Winston Salem Regional Office.  The will get back to us soon. They have hundreds of projects that they are reviewing.


Surveyors have been out gathering data for the sidewalk project on NC 62.  He is finalizing plans for driveway repairs and estimating quantities.  The have obtained data as far as Rob Shepard Drive and need to prepare details for ADA compliance.  Mr. Reich showed a map of the project area to the Board.


The areas for the Radar Speed Signs have been located. Mr. Rusty Saxon is uncomfortable installing the sign at Kimesville Road due to the amount of fiber optic cable in that area.  He is ok with installing the sign on the other end of NC 62.  Mr. Reich and Clerk York are looking for other folks to install the other sign.


Mr. Reich then reported on the street paving contract.  Thompson Arthur-APAC Atlantic submitted the lowerst bid at $128,091.10. (Bid tab Sheet will be incorporated into these minutes). ON the whole, the bids are about 9% lower than a year ago.  He recommends APAC-Atlantic/Thompson Arthur.  There is a provision in the contract allowing the Village to extend the contract to cover other streets if the Village decides to do so.  Mayor Tichy asked when the project would start.  Mr. Reich said that he had not spoken with the contract regarding a start time but that the contract calls for the work to be completed by June 16th.  They were a lot cheaper because their asphalt plant is near the rock quarry in Alamance County.  Last year Triangle Grading and Paving was getting their asphalt from Durham.  Alderman Cheap moved to award the contract to APAC/ATLANTIC a division of Thompson Arthur.  Mayor Pro-Tem Isley seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.




Mr. Reich met with Jeff Wood of Duke Energy recently.  The power pole cannot be moved. It would require moving three or four poles to make the alignment work out.  They do not think the pole will continue to settle.  Duke Energy can’t guarantee that it wont settle but they do not believe it will. Transstate LLC has provided a quote for $21,083.12.  It is possible that the Village may get reimbursement for about $7,500 of these costs from Duke Energy.   Alderman Andrews moved to approve the quote with a max budget of $25,000 and Alderman Hunt seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Village was not funded for either water and or sewer AIA grants this cycle by DWI. Have not received any feedback yet from DWI nor the scorecards. Have requested meetings for several municipalities that did not receive funding but no dates have been set.


Alderman Cheap asked about the sidewalk project.  He asked if there was a reason the current sidewalks had to be repaired before the sidewalk could be extended.  The current sidewalk ends at Cabin Road.



ARP Projects


No new update.


Plaid Day


Alderman Cheap said that Duke Power has put power back to the concession stand at Alamance Lutheran. There is an open performance spot from 10-11am.  He will attend the classic car show at Holly Hill Mall to see if he can find an act there.  Pastor Philabaum will speak to the new Christian radio station in town to see if they would want to do a live broadcast from Plaid Day.


A picture of the Plaid Day T-Shirt was posted on the tv screen for all to see.  Alderman Cheap said he thinks they came out well.  They are ordering 150 shirts.  They will sell for $10-14.  Tony Lewis is going to handle the hot dogs and hamburgers for concessions.  They will sell a meal consisting of two hotdogs or one hamburger, chips, cookie, and a drink for $5.00.  we will have enough food for 200 people.  Alderman Hunt is in charge of parking.  Parking will be available in the lot owned by Jensen Roll.  Volunteers can park in the old Duke Power Lot and at CT Nassau.  Alderman Andrews has a Sheriff’s deputy lined up.  We have ordered two 2×12 signs.  Alderman Isley asked if there will be food trucks present.  Alderman Cheap said no, because he didn’t want there to be too many options and then not be able to sell the hot dogs.  There will be someone there doing a bake sale.



ORC Report


The Birch Station had a pump go out in February.  A rebuilt pump has been placed in service and the electrical panel has been redone, cleaned, and rewired.  We will not have to order a new control panel.  We also have a spare pump in the building.


The mixer at NC 62 has been tripping out.  He will replace a mixer for approximately $2000-$3000.





Town Clerk/Asst to Town Admin


We have made an offer and it has been accepted. His name is Nick Farmerie.  Clerk York put Mr. Farmerie on the big screen and introduced him to the audience. He is present through Zoom.  Alderman Andrews moved to hire Mr. Farmerie under the terms proposed in his employment contract and Mayor Pro Tem Isley seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  Mr. Farmerie thanked the Board for giving himself the opportunity to serve the Board.  Mayor Tichy pointed out that Mr. Farmerie was the unanimous choice of the Board for the position.


Finance Report/Budget Amendment


Clerk York proposed two amendments.  One was for $25,000 from Water Sewer Fund Balance to cover the point repairs on NC 62.  The other is to appropriate $5,000 for Plaid Day.  The water and sewer amount will come from appropriated fund balance and plaid day will come from capital expenditures.  Mayor Pro Tem Isley moved to approve the amendment and Alderman Hunt Seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.




Alderman Cheap asked if there was an update on 4499 Cornerstone Drive.  Have they moved the pool house?  Clerk York said that Mr. Noble has not moved it.  Clerk York said he will speak to Paul about this. Mayor Tichy said that State Code Enforcement could help with this. Mayor Pro Tem Isley said that there still wasn’t a fence around the property.


Clerk York said that Mr. Pinnix from State Code Enforcement had called him earlier in the day to ask what the Board wanted to do regarding the commercial code. Mayor Tichy asked if the Board wanted Mr. Pinnix to begin inspecting the Shackelford Property. Alderman Cheap asked if we were going to make a list of all violations in the Village.  Clerk York said that he could speak to Mr. Pinnix about that.  Mayor Tichy said that the Shackelford property doesn’t meet code.  Mayor Tichy said we should go ahead and begin the process of looking at those two buildings Mr. Shackelford owns since the process could take months. Alderman Cheap said he didn’t want to target one owner.  Mayor Tichy said that we have been talking to them for years and so we need to move on those properties.



Motion to adjourn by Alderman Cheap, seconded by Alderman Hunt. Motion carries 4-0



                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor


___________________________________ Ben York, Village Clerk