May 20th, 2013 Minutes


May 20, 2013 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Slaughter, and Clerk York.

Absent: Alderman Gregory

Alderman Clemmons gave the invocation.

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe moved to approve the April 22, 2013 meeting minutes. Alderman Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



Clerk York announced that the website will be ready this week. He just needs to obtain photos of Alderman Slaughter and Alderman Tichy, along with a group photo of the Board of Aldermen. Mayor Bundren suggested that Clerk York could take a group photo at a later time. Clerk York also asked that each Board member send him a brief bio to accompany the photos. The website does not look different from the previous one; it is just much easier to update. The ordinances will be assessable via the website and meeting minutes dating back to 2010 have been added. This will provide online access to Village information for residents.

Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich reported that some progress has been made; the majority of the work has been surveyed. They have also been in contact with Emily Horn Associates, who are working with DOT to get the bridge relocated. They do not have any plans prepared at this point in time. That project is still about 3 years out. It could be as much as 5 years before the bridge is actually relocated. Mayor Bundren asked how this would affect the project planned by the Village. Mr. Reich responded that he didn’t know that this would have much impact at all. The project, as planned, will be far enough to the west. The initial plan for the bridge relocation is to build a temporary bridge for access while the permanent bridge is being built. The permanent bridge will be built in the same location as the current bridge. Mr. Reich observed that he didn’t get into the specifics as to the grade, but is sure that the new bridge will be higher than what is there now. He plans to touch base with them again, relative to the grade. He has also been in contact with ECS, to contract with them for doing the wetland delineation. If there are any, they will have to locate that. Some sub-surface exploration will also be proposed. ECS will act as the agent if there is any required permitting. Once Mayor Bundren has signed this document, this will finalize the proposal for the wetlands. Mr. Reich has talked with Arnold Allred regarding more frequent issues with grease at the pump station. They will try to put in a mixer at the dosing tank site, to address that issue. This would also be a good idea for the NC 62 pump station, as well. It would be good to do this all at one time. It should not be a huge expense. Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Reich if he knew why there were problems with additional grease. Mr. Reich didn’t have an explanation; Mr. Allred was unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Reich observed that grease is generated out of normal household waste.

ORC Report

In the absence of Arnold Allred, Mayor Bundren asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the ORC Report. Mayor Bundren observed that the Ashe Drive blow-off was installed. Clerk York noted that lead and copper sampling would be done this week. There were no questions from the Board regarding the ORC Report.

There was no additional Old Business.


Capital Project Ordinance

Clerk York presented the capital project budget for the Board to approve. He took the budget for the Capital Project from the PER. There are several line items. Clerk York condensed everything that would be considered construction costs. The budget has been condensed into 3 line items. The total budget amount is the same as in the PER, which is $403,000.00. From the General Fund in the current year’s budget, $40,000 is being transferred to the budget. From next year’s budget, $403,000 is being transferred from the General Fund. Clerk York asked if there were any questions. Alderman Clemmons moved to approve the Capital Project Ordinance. Alderman Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Presentation of 2013-2014 Budget

Clerk York pointed out the difference in the General Fund, relating to the Capital Project Ordinance. Instead of an appropriated fund balance of $284,000, it is $244,000; instead of transferring out $443,000, a total of $403,000 is being transferred out. Other than that change, it is the same General Fund Budget as presented at an earlier working meeting of the board. Mayor Bundren confirmed that the budget information would be placed at the Post Office and at the store. Clerk York observed that taxes would remain the same. Water rates would increase from $5.11 to $5.19. Burlington is raising their water rates 2 1⁄2%. Clerk York added in this additional cost. Sewer rates would increase from $5.76 to $5.88. Clerk York asked if there were questions. Alderman Clemmons moved to set the Public Hearing for the 2013-2014 Budget for June 24, 2013. Alderman Slaughter seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Budget Amendment

Clerk York presented the budget amendment. There had not been any funds appropriated, in the current year’s budget, for transfer out to the new capital project. The budget amendment reduces Capital Expenditures by $40,000.00 and adds $40,000.00 to a new line item to be transferred out of the General Fund. Clerk York clarified that this was the current year’s budget and answered the question of where the $40,000.00 is coming from, leaving $92,000.00 in that line. Alderman Crouse made the motion to approve the budget amendment. Alderman Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York reported that the CD will not mature until Friday, May 24th, so there is not a Finance Report in the packet. He noted that the Village is using a lot less water this year. The water charges will likely be $5000-$6000 less than anticipated, a total of approximately $134,000.00. The Village is selling about 95% of sewer and 92% of water as compared to this time last year. Although, Burlington increased their water rates, the Village will still spend about the same on water as it did last year. This is due to the fact that the Village has not bought as many gallons of water from Burlington as it did last year. On the flip side, the Village ends up taking in less on water. Sewer charges will even out. Clerk York stated that Alamance County is auditing all of the non-profits. The Village of Alamance applies for a Sales Tax refund each year. The County is looking at the 2009-2010 Sales Tax refunds. Clerk York will forward the email from the County to the Board members. He summarized that the Village is doing well, budget wise with everything.


Clerk York announced that he would be taking vacation Friday, June 7, 2013 through Friday, June14, 2013.

There was no other business.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Alderman Crouse moved to adjourn and Alderman Clemmons seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.