May 22, 2023 Minutes



May 22, 2023- 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Isley, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Hunt, Alderman Cheap, Alderman Tichy, Village Administrator York, and Clerk Farmerie

Absent: Alderman Crouse

Invocation and Call to Order given by Mark Reich

Alderman Hunt motions to approve the April 24, 2023, minutes, Alderman Cheap seconds the motion. The motion carries 5-0.

Swearing in of Town Clerk

Mr. York swears in Mr. Farmerie as the Village’s new clerk.

Public Hearing (Board of Adjustment)- Special Use Permit: Lot 2-10-95 Rob Shepard Drive

Alderman Cheap motions to go into board of adjustment meeting, Alderman Hunt seconds this. Motion carries 5-0. Mr. York discusses the property owner’s (Mark Hall) desire to construct a coffee shop. Mayor Tichy remarks that the planning board universally approved this. Mr. Hall explains that they want to serve coffee and food. Alderman Tichy motions to approve special use permit, Alderman Hunt seconds. Motion carries 5-0.

Public Hearing (Board of Adjustment)- Variance Request: 4509 Alamance Baptist Church Variance Request

Mr. York begins explaining the property owner’s (Hector Velez) desire to subdivide the parcel into two lots. Staff recommends this variance with an encroachment notice. The neighboring parcel (Jeremy Vestal) asks if he possesses the ability to place a fence on his property line. The Town Attorney assures Mr. Vestal can place a fence on the edge of the property. Alderman Andrews motions to approve the variance, Alderman Hunt seconds motion, motion carries 5-0.

Public Comment

The public thanks Alderman Cheap and his wife, Debra Cheap, for bringing Plaid Day back to the Village of Alamance after twenty years.

Sherry Ford is concerned with the cost associated with placing a sewer tap 4122 S NC 62. Explains the line was connected to a private line that is being discontinued. Ms. Ford is asking for ARP funding to be used for the sewer tap or a payment plan. Mr. York recommends that the Village does not use ARP funding for the sewer tap. The Board has decided that they will not use ARP money for the sewer tap. Ms. Ford asks for half of the sewer tap to be paid before construction and half to be due in six months. The Board agrees to this payment plan.



Old Business

Engineer Report

Cardinal lane outfall is out for bid, opening on June 14, 2023. King Electric says the radar signs will be installed this week. Street paving project has concluded. There will be a presentation of needed paving at the June Village meeting. Transstate, LLC has repaired two of the three point repairs for the sewer line and duke power conflict.

ARP Projects

Mr. York informs the board that he is waiting for bids to come in for Cardinal lane and that the annual report was submitted successfully.

Plaid Day

Alderman Cheap thanks the plaid day committee for helping with the organizing of Plaid Day. Working on getting the final numbers confirmed for costs. Predicts that there were between 400 and 500 people at Plaid Day.

ORC Projects

Arnold informed the Board that collection baskets are working well. A new air mixer has been put into NC 62 pump station.

New Business

FY 23-24 Budget Presentation

Mr. York presents the recommended budget for fiscal year 2023-2024. Notes that the county conducted a property reevaluation raising property values. My. York explains that the board has decided to lower property taxes from 20 cents to 14.5 cents. Mayor Tichy explains this will also apply to personal property. Mr. York explains that the general fund is essentially the same from FY 2022-2023.

Mr. York explains that the village has spent about half of the fund balance of the water and sewer fund during the previous fiscal year. These expenditures were mainly in relation to sewer maintenance. Mr. York explains that the board is proposing a 7% increase in water and sewer rates along with a flat fee increase to a total of $9.50 for water and $9 for sewer. Mr. York explains that even with these increases the Village is expecting to use at least $25,000 in water and sewer fund balance. Mayor Tichy remarks that the Village received a notice about supplementing services with fund balance during the annual audit. Mayor Tichy adds that this rate increase is less than inflation and social security increases. Alderman Cheap confirms that 14.5 cents is not exactly revenue neutral. Mr. York and Mayor Tichy explain that 14.5 cents is fractions away from true revenue neutral.

Set Public Hearing for Budget

Alderman Tichy moves to set the public hearing for the confirmation of FY 23-24 budget for June 26, 2023. This is seconded by Mayor Pro Isley and the motion carries 5-0.



401(K) for Village Employees

Mr. York recommends providing Village 401(K) for Village employees. Mr. York explains that he does not have specific details on this currently but will get soon. Mayor Tichy asks for Mr. York to find out the administration fee.

Finance Report/ Budget Amendment

Mr. York explains that the first budget amendment is to increase training from $2,000 to $5,000, the difference will come from capital expenditures. Mr. York also presents increasing taps and meters by $25,000 from the fund balance. Alderman Tichy motions to approve both budget amendments, this is seconded by Alderman Hunt, motion caries 5-0.

Other Business

Phil explains that the Alamance Lutheran Church will be paying for the extra 200 meals that were bought.

Mr. York announces that he will be leaving the Village after fifteen years of service at the end of July 2023. Mr. York thanks the board for the opportunity to work in the Village right out of school. Mr. York thanks Naydine Sharp for being a part of his initial hire. Mr. York concludes saying that Mr. Farmerie will be taking over his position in the beginning of August 2023.

Alderman Cheap motions to adjourn, Alderman Tichy seconds, motion carries 5-0.






____________________________________________ Don Tichy, Mayor


____________________________________________ Nicholas Farmerie, Village Clerk