May 23, 2022 Minutes




May 23, 2022 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Isley, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Cheap, and Clerk York.


Absent: Alderman Tichy, Alderman Hunt


Invocation and Call to Order given by Mr. Reich


A motion was made to approve the April 25, 2022, meeting minutes by Mayor Pro Tem Isley, seconded by Alderman Cheap. Motion carries 4-0


A motion was made to go into a public hearing for the zoning ordinance by Alderman Cheap, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 4-0


Public Hearing: Zoning Ordinance


Clerk York stated that he had updated copies of the sign ordinances for each board member. He stated for the audience that the updates for the zoning ordinances can be found on the website for the Village. The land use plan has also had some minimal updates, such as population and demographic data, as required. After July 1st a more through update can be done for the land use plan.

The planning board has not made a final decision on the zoning ordinances. Clerk York stated he would hear any public comment or answer any questions about it. There were no comments or questions from the audience.

A motion was made to continue the zoning public hearing until the next meeting made by Alderman Cheap, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 4-0


Public Comment


Sherry Ford asked if the Village would consider ordering bumper stickers saying “I (heart) the Village of Alamance” to show support for the Village in a fun way. Clerk York stated he would find out the cost to have some printed. Mayor Tichy asked how many water billing addresses the Village as it may be possible to send one to each resident. Clerk York stated there were 400 addresses in the system and approximately 1100 residents.

Mrs. Ford asked about the ordinance regarding indoor furniture on outdoor spaces. Clerk York stated if there was a specific place he needed to check to let him know and he would address the issue. Mrs. Ford asked if minimum housing would be looked at in the land use plan. Clerk York stated that would be looked at in the zoning ordinance more so than the land use plan.








Engineer Report


Mr. Reich stated that triangle paving and grading will do the driveway work as spoken about last meeting. They will be able to it cheaper than estimated. The work should start within a couple weeks. There are no updates on the sidewalk project. He stated that a DOT encroachment would be needed for that project.


ORC Report


Mr. Allred stated the number 2 pump at birch station went out again today but had been running fine until then. Clerk York will be calling Clayton electric in the morning to come look at it. Mr. Allred thinks it could be a control panel problem.

Everything else is working and running well.




Budget Hearing


A public hearing will be held June 27th for the budget. It is being presented now for consideration before the June hearing. The main difference in the budget this year is the salary for the Clerk, going from $50,000 to $62,500 to stay in line with the position. The salary for the deputy clerk increased from $12.18 to $15.00 an hour. Burlington has increased the water and sewer rates by 2%. The water increased from $5.87 to $6.00 the sewer rate increased from $6.96 to $7.10


American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds-Direct Funds

Clerk York stated there are two sources of money the village has been awarded from; one is the American Rescue Plan (ARP) with a first payment of $166,000. The second payment should come in next month giving a total of $332,082.74. The American Rescue Plan money has a separate checking account so it can be kept apart from any other monies.


Clerk York stated he was asked to see what the other two projects that did not receive funding from the General Assembly would cost. Those projects were sewer for Dogwood Lane the other is closing gap in sewer lines on Cedar Lane. He stated it may be possible to use the ARP money towards these projects if the council desires. It is not necessary to make a firm decision tonight. Clerk York stated that after speaking with a representative from The School of Government they suggested that a general plan for the ARP money be laid out. A Grant Project Ordinance was created for these two projects.  It can be amended in the future if the Board if the Board chooses. It is a general idea for how we plan to use the funds.


General Assembly Appropriation

The second pool of money is coming from the general assembly that is appropriated specifically for water and sewer projects. This money was not put in the budget. It is designated for the Dogwood Lane water project and the repair and moving of the Cardinal Lane outfall. Essentially the money was sent to NC DENR, and they know what amount each municipality is designated to spend. The way this funding will work is that the Village will pay for the work and DENR will reimburse the Village for those two projects.


Clerk York stated there would be a resolution at the next meeting that can be signed for the two projects that DENER has money for.


Alderman Crouse asked if Clerk York was going to change his title from Clerk to Administrator. Clerk York asked Attorney Koonts if there were any legalities in changing the titles. Attorney Koonts stated there must be, by law, a town Clerk and they must be appointed to that position. He stated it might be beneficial to have Mrs. Folwell take a class through the School of Government for that. Mayor Tichy asked Clerk York to check into getting a class for Mrs. Folwell so that she could be appointed as Clerk and Clerk York could become the Town Administrator.


Mayor Tichy noted that the tax rate was held at .20 cents.


A motion was made by Alderman Cheap to hold a public hearing for the budget on June 27th, 2022, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Isley. Motion carries 4-0


A motion was made by Alderman Crouse to accept the engineering contract with Alley, Williams, Carmen and King for the Dogwood and Cedar Lane projects, seconded by Alderman Andrews. Motion carries 4-0





Audit Contract FY22


Clerk York stated there may be a slight increase to the audit for year 2022 but it should not be significant.

A motion was made to accept the audit contract by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Cheap.



Land Use Plan; Call for Public Hearing


A motion was made to set a date of June 27th for the public hearing on the land use plan by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Andrews. Motion carries4-0


Nuisance Ordinance


Alderman Andrews made a motion to set a public hearing for June 27th for the nuisance ordinance, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Moton carries 4-0


Finance Report/Budget Amendment


Clerk York stated there was no budget amendment this month. Clerk York stated there was $3,667,652.38 in cash on hand. Clerk York asked if anyone had any questions regarding the finance report or budget, there were none.






Alderman Cheap stated an informal meeting was held May 4th at Alamance Lutheran Church to talk about a possible plaid day celebration. The idea was that holding a yearly celebration on the first Saturday of May would be good so that people would know when to expect it. The times would be 9am-4pm with many types of games and foods, also live music. The local pastors are on board with helping to have volunteers to staff the proposed event. Alderman Cheap stated the estimated cost for the Village to support this event would be about $4,000-$5,000. Mayor Tichy asked if there was Board support for this event. The Board agreed to support it.




Motion to adjourn by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Cheap. Motion carries 4-0



                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor



___________________________________Ben York, Village Clerk