November 25, 2019 Minutes




November 25, 2019 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.


Absent: Alderman Andrews


Mark Reich gave the invocation.


Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made a motion to accept the October 28, 2019 minutes, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion carries 5-0




Engineer Report

Mr. Reich stated that the sidewalk project was underway. There is some concern about the retaining wall in front of Sherry Ford’s house (3968 S NC 62). It has historical value and Mrs. Ford does not want any damage to it, so that portion of sidewalk may be left so no damage occurs to the wall. Mr. Reich is working with the contractor to find the best solution. They hope to finish up the project next week.


Alderman Baldwin asked who was responsible for stop signs in Heritage Glen. Mr. Reich stated it would be the Village responsibility. Clerk York stated he would check into replacing some of the signs.


Mr. Reich stated the bids for paving were ready to be sent out. Clerk York will place an advertisement on the Villages website.


ORC Report


Mr. Allred stated all the lift stations were working well. Danny Duncan will be in town this week to exercise valves.


Mr. Allred said that there had been some complaints about discolored water. The reason for this was due to Lake Macintosh turning over and putting out dingy water. The water in Burlington is clearing up according to Burlington’s ORC and should be clearing soon for the Village.


Clerk York stated that there had been a couple of complaints about water quality on Freedom Dr and Londonderry Court. The freedom Dr. complaint is that black matter builds up in the faucets and drains, the London berry Court complaint is that there are black specks that get on the washcloths and in the showers. The water from the hydrants has been tested for chlorine levels and came back normal. Perhaps more flushing on these streets will help the issue the homeowners are having. The other option is to flush the entire town. This would be about 350,000 gallons, at a cost of $700 to $800.


A unit directional study, at a cost of $6,000, could be done to give a better idea of how to achieve the most optimal flushing experience. This study would not identify any particular issues. Mr. Reich stated that some of the black spots or build could be from manganese in the water and Burlington has stated that they do, at times, have problems with manganese in the system.


Mayor Tichy stated that the best way to achieve the highest water quality in individual residences is a water filtration system for the whole house. Mr. Allred stated the lines are routinely flushed. Mr. Reich stated that there are usually no problems in two-inch lines because the water is turned over so quickly.


Alderman Isley asked if the water was coming through older pipes before getting to the two inch lines.  Mr. Reich stated that the about 80% of the water comes out of the NC 62 meter, and 20% comes from the Lake Macintosh meter. Mayor Tichy suggested trying to get more water moving through the second connection to see if that would give better water quality.



Audit and Financial Statements


  1. Becky Loy; Cobb, Ezekiel, and Loy


Mrs. Loy started on page 14, the General fund cash is 2.3 million, an increase of $324,000.

$300,000 is about the average revenue over expense for the Village, yearly.


The fund balance, excluding capitol assets, is $2.4 million.

The capital projects fund has $700,000

Page 17. Ad Valorem taxes $227,000

Local option sales tax $57,000

Unrestricted Inter Governmental $46,000

Powell Bill $29,000

Total Income $624,000

Expenditures $332,000 decreased from last year of $101,000 due to street repairs.

Page 18. Water and Sewer Fund

System valued at 4.2 million, less depreciation of $141,000

Net assets $4,097,000

Unrestricted $333,000

Page 19. Revenue minus Expense

Total revenue went up by $10,000

Expenditures went down by $17,000

Operating Income -$79,286

Page 20. Cash Flow $43,000, up $20,000


Mrs. Loy stated the letters accompanying the financial statement are to advise that just one person handling the finances puts the Village at a higher risk of financial mismanagement. This comment is made each year as part of the audit.


Christmas Tree Lighting


Sherry Ford stated the idea for a Village Christmas Tree lighting and caroling with refreshments, came up late last year after the December meeting. This year Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Powell would like to invite the Village to the Tree Lighting and Caroling and they are asking the Board to supply light refreshments for this community event. The refreshments would include cider, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies or pastries.


Alderman Isley asked if traffic would be a problem. Mayor Tichy stated he didn’t think it would be, but that would depend on the number of people that turned out for it. The Board asked what date Mrs. Ford was looking to have the event. Sunday, December 8th  at 7pm was decided on so it could be announced in the newsletter and on the website.


The Board discussed allowing up to $200 for refreshments reimbursement.


Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe asked if this offer to supply refreshments for tree lightings was extended to anyone in the Village? Mayor Tichy stated that anyone could approach the Board with this same question and the Board would be hear their request.


Snow Plow Contract

Clerk York stated the plow truck went up $15.00 an hour, but that was the only change from last year.


Alderman Tichy made a motion to approve the snow plow contract, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 5-0


Finance Report/Budget Amendment

There were no budget amendments this month.



Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe asked the Mayor to get his picture taken to put on the wall with the others.



An audience member stated they also get black specks from their outside water faucet.

Motion made to adjourn made by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Isley. Motion passed 4-0


                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor


__________________________Ben York, Village Clerk