November 28, 2022 Minutes




November 28, 2022 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Cheap, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Hunt and Clerk York.


Absent: Mayor Pro Tem Isley


Invocation and Call to Order given by Naydine Sharpe


A motion was made to approve the October 24, 2022, meeting minutes with corrections to the APR statement, by Alderman Tichy, seconded by Alderman Cheap. Motion carries 5-0


Audit and Financial Statements

  1. Becky Loy; Cobb, Ezekiel, and Loy


Mrs. Loy stated that the policies and procedures the Village has in place are appropriate for the size and staffing. She gave the Village a modified opinion.  This is the highest opinion she can give. The only extra letter this year was to say that the federal money is being overseen well. The short-term money or cash flow for the general fund is almost 3.4 million dollars. The fund balance is healthy for this size municipality. There was almost $400,000 excess in revenue versus expenditure, which is normal. There is a designated fund that the board established for larger projects or unexpected expenses, and it has almost $800,000 in it and can be accessed at any time without restrictions. The valuation of the Village went up by $143,000, which is not a significant change.

The water and sewer fund should operate like a business and be able to cover the costs of operation. The cash is $359,000, an increase of $47,000. The capitol assets are 3.8 million, a decrease from last year of $129,000 because of yearly depreciation. The unrestricted fund is $365,000 an increase of $16,000.

The operating revenue and expenditure were very consistent and comparable to last year. Due to depreciation the operating budget was at a negative. Mrs. Loy advised the board to keep depreciation in mind when setting water and sewer rates for the Village to maintain the system without going into debt.



3082 Heritage Lane Sewer


Mr. York stated the property owner had a sewer back up a couple of weeks ago due to a tree root breaking through the line. The Village was able to clean it out and repair it but it’s an issue that will likely come up again. Jerry Warren recommended the tree be removed to prevent future problems. Mr. York said the bill for the repair was $850.00 and the repair was on the Village side, but Mr. York would like to ask the homeowner to remove the tree. Alderman Crouse agreed with Mr. York that if the tree is the problem the homeowner should remove it. Alderman Tichy asked if there was an ordinance on this type of issue. Mr. York stated he didn’t think there was. Alderman Tichy would like to see some type of guideline written that is clear and precise so that it doesn’t have to come before the board any time there is an issue. Attorney Koonts and Mr. York stated that these types of issues are usually delt with as they arise and aren’t usually a policy issue. Once it has been established that its tree roots from the property owner’s side causing the problems, they can be held responsible for future repairs. Mayor Tichy asked Mr. York to make notes on any account that has tree roots affecting the sewer lines so that any prospective buyer could be made aware that they would be responsible for any future costs.

The homeowner would like pictures of the tree root damage to the line to prove it is the roots causing the problem. The board has agreed to let Mr. Warren go back to get pictures and this proof will give the Village the right to forward any future bills to the homeowner if they refuse to remove the tree. Alderman Cheap was not in favor of having Mr. Warren go back for pictures at the expense of the Village. The Board agreed that in the future Mr. Warren needs to document the work he does so he can show the board the before and after of jobs.



Public Comment


Mr. Fred Hoy of 4255 S. NC 62 stated he is not in favor of changing the road name of South NC 62.





Engineer Report


Mr. Reich was unable to attend.


ARP Projects


There are no new updates.


Plaid Day


Alderman Cheap stated the date for Plaid Day is going to change from May 6th to May 20th due to the Burlington Carousel Festival occurring on May 6th. Most venders have been willing to switch to the new date. A tee shirt design is needed to submit to the company printing them. Mr. Cheap would appreciate anyone with artistic talent to submit a potential design. Camcore can make copies of the old VHS, The History of The Village of Alamance, to sell at the festival, about 20 DVDs will be made for this. Vendors are still needed for the festival.


Swimming Pools


Mr. York stated the amendment to the swimming pool ordinance is to comply with the county standard. A motion was made by Alderman Crouse to accept the amendment as written, seconded by Alderman Hunt. Motion carries 5-0



ORC Report


Mr. Allred was not present but sent his reports in for the board.




Ad For New Hire


Mr. York stated the job would be listed as a full-time position with a salary range of $40,000 to $50,000 per year. The job is listed as Town Clerk assistant to the Town manager. They will need to have planning and zoning experience. Alderman Andrews asked if it was necessary to have two full time people. Mayor Tichy stated that as the Village is growing it is becoming more necessary to have extra help so that some things won’t have to be outsourced. Alderman Cheap asked where the increase in salary would come from in the budget. Mr. York stated it would come primarily from the general fund and a small portion from the water and sewer fund.

Mr. York stated it is important to have a second person, who is fully trained, that could take over if he ever had an extended absence or left. The new hire should be able to help with planning and zoning and have excellent computer skills and social media knowledge. They will also be trained to read meters and handle all the responsibilities Mr. York does in case they should ever have to step into that position.



Commercial Minimum Code


A motion was made by Alderman Cheap to set a public hearing for January 23, 2023, seconded by Alderman Tichy. Motion carries 5-0

The board would like for Dennis Pinnex to be present for the meeting to answer any questions.



Finance Report/Budget Amendment


Mr. York stated there were no budget amendments. The ARP money could be used for some of the projects that have already been paid for out of the water and sewer fund, if necessary. There have been several expenditures for the Siphon and Birch station this year. This would keep the budget balanced.







Motion to adjourn by Alderman Crouse, seconded by Alderman Tichy. Motion carries 5-0



                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor


___________________________________ Misty Folwell, Village Clerk