October 28th, 2013 Minutes


October 28, 2013 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Clemmons, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Slaughter, Alderman Gregory and Clerk York.

Alderman Clemmons gave the invocation.

Alderman Tichy moved to approve the September 23, 2013 meeting minutes. Alderman Crouse seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


With the permission of the Board, Mayor Bundren moved the Liberty Drive Paving item to the beginning of the agenda.

Liberty Drive Paving

Mayor Bundren referred to the proposal, which would give the Village of Alamance the lot next- door to the school driveway in lieu of paying for the paving on Liberty Drive. It is Cornerstone Properties contention that at some point in 2005, Haywood King told Cornerstone Properties not to pave, to hold the paving. There is no record of this, but Haywood said that he would write this into the process of building. The paving would have cost the $16,000-$20,000 that this lot is worth. Mayor Bundren opened the discussion at this point.

Alderman Tichy asked about the paving quotes. Randy Faircloth responded that McPherson Grading and Paving provided a quote of about $29,000. This quote was received right after they heard they would need to pave. Scott Montgomery, with ProPave, was also contacted. His quote was also around $29,000. About a week or two later, they were told that the Village of Alamance was going to solicit bids. The earlier bids were obtained prior to the formal bid process.

Alderman Tichy asked if Serenity was included in the earlier bid requests. Mr. Faircloth indicated that this was broken out separately, but the totals include both, along with repairs. Mayor Bundren stated that the Village had not received a bid from ProPave. Mark Reich informed that a bid package had been given to ProPave. The Village solicited five bids, and received three.

Alderman Clemmons stated that he wanted to work with Cornerstone as cordially and as fairly as possible, to get the paving completed on Liberty and Serenity as residents there deserve that. The ball was dropped with some things in the past. The Village should have obtained a letter of credit and made sure that it was renewed. Alderman Clemmons added that he has dealt with Randy Faircloth over the years. Mr. Faircloth has been honest and wouldn’t say anything dishonest. I believe he was told to hold off the paving. Mr. Bateman has been a good attorney for the Village, but Alderman Clemmons doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of pulling the plats. Down the road, developers could question that. Alderman Clemmons suggested perhaps a storage facility of some sort could be built on the property offered. Alderman Crouse asked about the dimensions on that lot. Alderman Tichy responded that it was 60 feet wide and 425 feet deep. Mayor Bundren added that the setbacks on the side were only 15 feet. She thought it was 70 feet wide, so that they could have a 40 ft. wide building, at least. Alderman Clemmons said this was a possible use, or they could pave some of it, up front, as the school always needs extra parking.

There are many times that the Historical Museum needs extra parking. The Village could also use it for different functions in the future. Alderman Clemmons stated that he was inclined to go with the proposal. One concern is not to cause more problems at Heritage Glen. In full disclosure, Alderman Clemmons informed that he lives in the cul-de-sac below that. The school has three catch basins that lead into one pipe. When it rained hard, water ran to his yard, and the cul-de-sac below his would flood. The school put in a berm which stops this from happening. Water does pool, and leaches down under at one point. If the property is made even more impervious, he doesn’t want to cause more problems down into his cul-de-sac.

Alderman Crouse asked how much grading would have to be done to turn it into a parking area. Alderman Tichy commented that the property was relatively flat. Alderman Clemmons added that it drops off some, from the tree line down. It drops to the left, but they would not have to bring in a whole lot of dirt. Alderman Crouse said that he would like to walk the property. Alderman Clemmons said if they waited to vote, this would delay it to the November meeting. Mayor Bundren observed that the paving needed to be done, referring to Liberty Drive.

Alderman Tichy summarized that it comes down to whether the Board wanted to do this either way, or not. The property certainly could be used for a storage building immediately; what more it could be used for, he said he didn’t know yet. Mayor Bundren said the current storage building could easily be moved there. Alderman Crouse agreed. Mayor Bundren spoke about a possible flip-flop of properties, with the one recently donated to the County for access to the river. This would give the Village the property closest to the Duke Energy’s substation which is contiguous with property owned by the Village, which would make it more usable for the Village. It would be more useable.

Alderman Clemmons made the motion to accept Cornerstone Properties offer to grant the Village of Alamance Plat #1746 lieu of paying the Village for the cost to pave Liberty Drive. Alderman Gregory asked if the property was free and clear, and owned by Cornerstone Properties. Mr. Faircloth replied there were no notes. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe seconded the motion made by Alderman Clemmons. Alderman Clemmons opened the discussion about any possible environmental issues or liability. The property lies between the school and the museum. Mr. Reich stated that the property would have to be developed in accordance with the Jordan Lake rules. If an impervious area is put in there, it would have to be treated. It would have to be treated into a diffused flow. Mayor Bundren asked about just putting rock on the property, and not paving it. Mr. Reich said he would check on this, but thinks that stone is considered as impervious. He asked about how the water flowed. At this point, maps were consulted. Mayor Bundren asked if there was any more discussion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed 4-2, with Alderman Gregory and Alderman Crouse opposing the motion. Alderman Crouse said he didn’t think the property would benefit the Village. He added the Village would be limited with what it could do with the property, because it was a narrow lot.

Mr. Reich raised a question about the paving bids. Mayor Bundren stated that the bid was accepted at the last meeting. Clerk York said that the bid was accepted, pending responses from Cornerstone Properties. Mayor Bundren stated she would like to have the paving done as soon as possible. Clerk York added that this was street paving, and this would be accomplished with Powell Bill funds. Alderman Tichy made the motion to fund the paving with Powell Bill funds. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Bundren thanked the gentlemen from Cornerstone Properties.

Plaid Day

Alderman Slaughter suggested that the Board decide, as a whole, on when to hold Plaid Day. Or, if the recommendation is not to have Plaid Day, it should be removed from the agenda. She stated that she was more than happy to do whatever the Board wanted to do. They will still need people to help with this event. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to remove Plaid Day from the agenda and suspend it until there is more interest. Alderman Crouse seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe asked if the Village was still paying the power bill at Alamance Lutheran Church. Clerk York replied that the Village is currently paying the bill; it runs $22.00-$23.00 per month. Alderman Slaughter asked for explanation. Mayor Bundren explained that the Village has been paying the light bill in exchange for the use of the ballfield. Mayor Bundren speculated that the Village may not have future use, if this is discontinued. Alderman Slaughter said that having Plaid Day there had always been one of the issues. If they can use the school, and the additional new property, they would not need the use of the church ballfield. Mayor Bundren asked Clerk York to notify the church that the Village would no longer be responsible for the power bill. Alderman Gregory asked if the bill was under the name of the Village. Clerk York said it was not; the bill is in the church’s name. He can notify them that the Village will discontinue the payment. The church can then decide if they want to keep paying the bill. A question was raised about a meter fee. Clerk York said this is not on the same meter as the main church building. Clerk York also indicated he could find out what the meter fee would be. The Village would be saving $276.00 per year. If there was a $100.00 meter set fee, the Village would still be ahead. Mayor Bundren stated that a Thank You letter should be written to the church, thanking them for the use of the ballfield for Plaid Day.

Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich received the subsurface report today. He had preliminary information a week or so ago. The bottom line is they will encounter some rock. He provided a picture for the Board to view. There is rock coming up to the elevation (as indicated in the picture) fairly high up on the north side of the creek. He pointed out numerous places where there is rock. He will plot this on his drawings, and go back and look at all of the elevations. This will give him a better idea, regarding the rock. He has been looking at the inverts on the sewer, seeing 1 1⁄2 to 3 feet of rock, most of the length of the line. His biggest concern is between 3 and 4, where Pond Road is now, in-between. On the downstream side, he is pretty sure he will hit rock. He knows he will, with the siphon. Rock will have to be excavated there. The question is also whether they will be in rock, when they bore across the road. Depth of rock is what drives cost up. This rock is deeper than normal. There is $110,000 budgeted for the sewer line, but he did not see any break out for the rock. Mr. Reich will go back and do a little more itemizing. He knows where the manholes are, and how deep they are. There is $300,000 in the budget. They will move forward. He will be ready to go out for easements, provided everything else is on board with the cost. Mr. Reich will inform the Board if the cost will be a little more. The information he has received in the report will be very helpful. Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Reich to notify Clerk York, so that he can inform the Board regarding the budget and moving forward.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred reported that a pump had gone out at the Cabin Road station on October 8, 2013. The pump is at the workshop at Clayton Electric and parts have been ordered. The seal went out on the pump again. All the other pump stations are working well. Clerk York said this is the first time in two years that there has been an issue with any of the pumps. It’s the first time in three years, that it has been an issue with the pump at Cabin. That’s a positive. Mayor Bundren thanked Mr. Allred.

There was no additional Old Business.


Resolution in Support of the Vision for Public Education in Alamance County

Mayor Bundren reported on the City/County meeting that she and Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe attended. She provided a copy of the Resolution in Support of the Vision for Public Education in Alamance County. Municipalities are asked to resolve to support the vision. Alderman Clemmons was on the large committee that met many times over a number of months. It was a good process, systematic, and put together well. The director worked hard to draw out different thoughts and ideas from different segments of the community. There was a good cross section of the community that took part in the meetings. There was a lot of work to give the Board of Education a framework for a strategic plan. Alderman Clemmons suggested that the Board read it first, and then come back and vote. It is well thought out and organized, with input from a good cross section of the community. Mayor Bundren added that they want Alamance County to be a model for other communities. Without a strategic plan, there is not a way for Alamance County to be that model. There is not anything in the resolution that the Board does not support. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made the motion to adopt the resolution. Alderman Slaughter seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York reported that a CD was renewed. There was just shy of $500.00 in interest earned. The new CD rate is .35%, the lowest the Village has had. The total value of the CDs is $1.6 million, which is very good. Mayor Bundren asked if the Village was on target with the budget. Clerk York responded affirmatively.


Alderman Clemmons asked about the Powell Bill balance. Clerk York stated that the Powell Bill balance is approximately $200,000. The allowable balance as of the end of 2013 could be $253,000. Eventually, the Village will have to draw down, but spending funds on the paving will help the Village not lose any money.

Mayor Bundren introduced the idea of a Shred-It Day in the Village. She passed out information from Green Day and suggested this might be a possibility for the Spring.

Clerk York reported that AT & T will be placing conduit early in 2014, across the area where the Town Hall is located. Mark Reich added they will bore underneath the driveway. Clerk York observed it will connect into the Duke transformer. Alderman Gregory informed that they are putting in U-Verse TV service, fiber from the airport to the Village. Alderman Clemmons commented that this will make the Village more attractive for some businesses.

Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe asked about outside lights for the Town Hall. Clerk York reported that he has to turn them off, otherwise they would be on all night. He will turn them on for evening meetings, for safety, as everyone leaves the Town Hall.

Mayor Bundren added that the timer has been re-set for the lights on the Village of Alamance sign by her son, Jamie. He has also put mulch by the sign. Clerk York asked when the Board would like to have the Christmas lights begin. Mayor Bundren suggested anytime prior to Thanksgiving that was convenient for Rob to do the lights, would be fine. Clerk York also asked for ideas for the newsletter.

There was no other business.

Public Comment

There was no other public comment.

Alderman Gregory moved to adjourn and Alderman Slaughter seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.