September 23, 2019 Minutes




September 23, 2019 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.




Mark Reich gave the invocation.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to approve the August 26, 2019 minutes, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion carries 6-0

Alderman Tichy made a motion to go into public hearing for the rezoning of property in the ETJ for 4806 S NC 62, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 6-0


Public Hearing: Rezoning of Property in the ETJ 4806 S NC 62

Mayor Tichy stated that the Board would hear public comment but there would be no decision tonight as the matter will be continued until next month.

Mayor Tichy stated the Planning Board met last week and turned down the request for rezoning.

The floor was open for public comment.

Cynthia Becken of 5640 S NC 62 stated that her home is adjacent to the proposed new development. She stated that she is concerned about the impact the development will have on local ground water and storm water drainage. Another concern is the increased traffic and pollution. She stated the new development would also put a strain on the local emergency services. She also feels the new suburban style development clashes with the character of the community and the farm house homes.

Shawn Francis of 4578 Freedom Dr stated he is concerned about the added expenses to the community and the increase of traffic.


Rezoning of Property in the ETJ 4806 S NC 62

A motion was made by Alderman Crouse to have a continuance until the October Board meeting for the rezoning of Property in the ETJ 4806 S NC 62, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion carries 6-0

Motion made by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe to go into a public Hearing on the Variance request for property adjacent to 2948 Elder Lane, seconded by Alderman Andrews. Motion carries 6-0.


Public Hearing: Variance Request Property Adjacent to 2948 Elder Lane

Clerk York stated there are 3 lots adjacent to 2948 Elder Lane that do not yet have an address which is why they are referred to in this manner. The request is to take three lots combine them into one lot of less than the 20,000 sq ft lot that the area is zoned for. They want to build a 1200 sq. ft house on the combined lots.

Clerk York stated that Mr. James Coble would sit with the Board to hear the matter, as they are now meeting as the Board of Adjustment.


Steve Allen stated that he bought the property in the hopes of building a small house on it. The old building on the property will be torn down. He also owns the property at 2948 Elder Lane and hopes to renovate that home there. Mr. Allen stated the homes would be sold when completed. He stated the home he intends to build will be wood framed.


Mike Holt of 4525 S NC 62 stated his property backs up to 2948 Elder Lane and he has flooding issues due to storm run off from that property. He stated that the lawn has been over grown several times. Clerk York stated that he had a difficult time getting the real-estate agent to keep it mowed but since Mr. Allen has owned it the grass has not been an issue.


Josh Edwards of 2951 Elder Lane stated he was concerned about the houses being on top of each other and any new construction will add to the traffic on the narrow street.



Motion made by Alderman Andrews to go back into regular session, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 6-0


Variance Request Property Adjacent to 2948 Elder Lane

Alderman Andrews asked if anything could be done to improve the storm run-off. Mr. Reich stated he was uncertain of any fix for the situation.  Mr. Reich stated it might slightly increase the run off with a new home being built, but things like running the gutters under ground could help somewhat.

Alderman Tichy asked Mr. Allen the size of the building he would be taking down from the property. Mr. Allen stated he would be talking down two buildings, a carport of 24X24 and an old garage of 20X20. Mr. Allen stated his intent was build in the center of the lots.

Motion for variance approved 7-0



Village Website

Clerk York stated there was a batch issue/technical issue on the utility billing that is being corrected. The site should be completely ready when this is fixed.


Engineer Report

Mr. Reich stated he had been out of town for a couple of weeks and did not have any new information to report.


ORC Report

Mr. Allred stated the Birch station generator had been checked and serviced. The Pond station is working well. The THM testing passed. Mr. Allred stated the Village still needs a variety of water samples for testing. Flushing was done on Kendall Dr, Freedom Dr. and Cornerstone Dr. today. There are still issues with rags in the system.



Finance Report/Budget Amendment

Clerk York stated the Village was financially stable and there were no budget amendments at this time.



Clerk York stated that Elizabeth Powell made a request for rezoning of 3927 S NC 62 from Historical to mixed use. Clerk York stated he had spoken with Mrs. Powell and she had agreed to reapply under the schedule of permitted uses to try to add restaurants and event centers as a special use under the mixed use and historic district. If it were approved, it would set the standard for each new request to be approved by the board on a case by case basis.

A motion was made by Alderman Tichy to set a public hearing for the schedule of permitted uses proposed change, seconded by Alderman Andrews.

Nick D’amore of 2045 Tradition Dr. wants to know if anything will be done to the lot next to his as the run off is causing his fence to collapse. Mr. Reich said he has not heard anything from the developer. Clerk York stated he would look at the fence.



Motion made to adjourn made by Alderman Andrews, seconded by Alderman Tichy. Motion passed 5-0


                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor


__________________________Ben York, Village Clerk