September 24th, 2018 Minutes


September 24, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Andrews Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.

Absent: Alderman Crouse

Mark Reich gave the invocation.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to approve the August 27, 2018 minutes, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 6-0

Alderman Crouse made a motion to go into public hearing for the Board of Adjustment for home occupation permit at 5239 S NC 62, seconded by Alderman Tichy. Motion carries 6-0

Public Hearing-Board of Adjustment-Home Occupation Permit for 5239 S NC 62

Clerk York stated that Keith Miller, the owner of Golf Cart World, is moving his business from Burlington to his home. He states he will only be using 500 square feet of an existing building on his property. He will not have any employees. He will mostly be storing materials and assembling parts. Mr. Miller needs a zoning letter to show he has permission to operate this business on his property. This public hearing is for the Board of Adjustment to hear any public comments. If the Board approves the special use permit, Mr. Miller will receive a letter of approval to operate the business at his home.

Clerk York stated he had not received any written responses or other communications about the permit. There was no public comment.

Alderman Isley asked if there were any other special permit uses like this in the Village or ETJ zone. Clerk York stated that there were no others like this, although there are two special use permits used inside the Village.

Alderman Andrews made a motion to approve the special use permit for 5239 S NC 62, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 6-0

Motion made by Alderman Tichy to go out of public hearing, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carries 6-0


Village Website RFP

Clerk York stated that Web Real Simple had been in contact with Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe to discuss some history of the Village and they have taken some pictures through town to add to the site.

Engineer Report

Mr. Reich stated that the construction the turnaround by the homeowner at the end of Rob Shepard Dr. has begun. The stone base has been put in and the first layer of asphalt is on.

Regarding the sidewalk project, Mr. Reich stated he would be meeting with Mrs. Ford and her husband as well as Neil to see about getting a retaining wall constructed along the sidewalk. The easements Mr. Reich is still missing are from the Lutheran Church and the Slaughters. The sidewalk project is about 3-4 weeks out from starting.

Mr. Reich stated he checked into some drainage issues. One is on Cornerstone Dr. and the other on Liberty Dr. Alderman Baldwin stated that he knew of one on Heritage Ln. that needed to be fixed. Clerk York state he had some storm grates that could be used for these projects. Mr. Reich stated he would start pricing the repairs for this.

Mr. Reich has been trying to get scheduled with Waugh paving to do the crack sealing this fall. He should have more information at the next meeting.

Montessori School

Clerk York stated that the permit fees for the Montessori school have been paid.

ORC Report
Mr. Allred reported that the Birch station did well through tropical storm Florence. The Pond station alarm went off but resolved on its own. The NC 62 pump station had water above the manholes. There were also some problems with the control system, they had to be manually turned on. A couple of pumps were tripping out due to the heaters overheating. Mr. Allred stated he replaced those heaters today. The mixers at both Pond and NC 62 are faulting and they will be pulled out and inspected. There were no overflows to report. The THM HA5 test on the distribution system passed. There were no problems with the water system during the storm.


Board policy regarding use of the Town Hall

A Board policy needs to be established for using the Town Hall by individuals. The new owners of the Montessori School have asked if they could use the meeting space for parent’s meetings. Attorney Koonts has been asked to advise the Board on the matter.

Mr. Knoots advised that it would be important to set policies, such as who would be allowed to use the facility (ie. Village residents) and what they would be responsible for. Would there be a charge to use the space and how to decide on a rate for that. Mr. Koonts advised that it would be important to have an employee here, if the space were being used, due to the confidential information stored in the building.

The Board decision at this time is to not rent the Town Hall for any purpose. It can be brought back to the Board, if necessary, at another time.

Finance Report/Budget Amendment

Clerk York stated there was 2.5 million total cash on hand.

Clerk York stated he created a new line item, called Website, because it was not included in the other budget. The $4590.00 which was deducted from the miscellaneous category, will now be deducted from the $20,000.00 that has been placed in the Website, and placed back into the miscellaneous.

Clerk York stated that the overall budget looked good at this point in the year.

Alderman Tichy made a motion to accept the budget as amended by bringing out the Website line item, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe. Motion carries 6-0


Clerk York stated that he would like to have a bulk pickup for October and then January. Mr. Knoots spoke as a citizen regarding the voting coming up in November. He advised that people could go to to get educated about the bond referendum to be voted on concerning education and the increase in sales and property tax to fund it.

Public Comment

Motion made to adjourn made by Alderman Isley, seconded by Alderman Tichy. Motion passed 6-0