September 25th, 2017 Minutes


September 25, 2017

Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Jones, Alderman Andrews, Mark Reich, Attorney Koonts and Clerk York

Mark Reich led the invocation

Alderman Andrews moved to approve the August 28, 2017 meeting minutes and Alderman Isley seconded. The motion passed 4-0.

Motion made by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe to go into a public hearing seconded by Alderman Andrews

Public Hearing on Flood Plain Maps and Flood Plain Ordinance

Clerk York stated that there were a couple of minor changes that needed to be made. Page 10, section A, of the Flood Plain Ordinance should say “The Village Clerk or His/Her Designee.” Page 26, under section A, the date April 27, 1987 needs to be inserted.

Glynn Fleming with Ally, Williams, Carmen and King opened the public hearing. He explained that Flood Insurance Rate Maps are a collaborative effort produced by the State of North Carolina and the Federal Emergency Management agency, used to designate flood plain areas. The National Flood Insurance Program provides flood insurance to residences of the municipality whose lands lay within and even outside the Flood Hazard area. This is done in return for a local commitment to recognize these maps and maintain a minimum standard of regulating development within the Flood Plain. The rate maps are intended to be a living document and are updated and revised on an ongoing basis, which varies from area to area. The last revision for the Village maps was in late 2006 or early 2007.

The process for the new revision stated in early 2013 and the maps, in a preliminary form, were made public in late 2013. The State of NC and FEMA opened a 90-day public comment period, which closed in early 2014. They looked at all comments, questions and concerns and reviewed them and made any necessary revisions. They prepared a final draft of the new map. The new preliminary maps came out in May this year. The Municipality has six months to recognize the new maps and incorporate them into their flood damage prevention ordinance and the building code review process. This date is coming up in mid-November. Mr. Fleming stated that the changes to the new flood maps were very minimal and were also available to view on line in a digital format.

Mr. Fleming presented a map to the public and explained the color scheme. The olive-green areas are the existing flood plains, which has had no change from the 2006 map to the newly proposed map. The purple area on the map is where the flood plain has receded and the bright green is an expansion area.

Mr. Fleming stated that in addition to recognizing the flood plain maps for the National Flood Insurance program, the Village will need to maintain an ordinance on the books regarding what to do when a property comes up for development or redevelopment in the flood plain area. The State of North Carolina and FEMA encourage municipalities to review their ordinances when the new maps come out. This is to ensure that nothing needs to be updated or that the language is not redundant or obsolete.

Mr. Fleming stated that he had proposed a few changes to the ordinance wording. The text that are highlighted in red are using obsolete language, text in blue represents minor changes to existing wording, green text represents additions to the existing wording.

The first change in wording is dealing with storage tanks, liquid or gas, weather elevated or anchored to the ground. The second change is dealing with a flood proofing certificate. If you are going to construct a building or residence in a natural flood hazard area you are asked to either elevate it or flood proof it to a certain degree. A flood proofing certificate is now needed at completion of project, as well as beginning.

Clerk York asked Mr. Fleming about the difference between the one-hundred-year flood plain and the five-hundred-year flood plain. Mr. Fleming stated that is statistical application in which there is a 1% chance, for the hundred-year flood, that it will occur in that given year. For the five hundred year flood there is a .2 % chance that it would occur in that given year. Mr. Fleming explained that only property that encroached on the one-hundred-year flood plain needs a flood plain development ordinance and any structure must be built to certain standards.

Motion to go out of public hearing made by Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe seconded by Alderman Andrews Motion carries 4-0

Motion to accept flood plain map and ordinances made by Alderman Isley, seconded by Alderman Andrews Motion carries 4-0


Village Website

No new updates.

Contract for Street Maintenance Work

Mr. Reich reported that there were three bids submitted for the street repairs. The Mayor and Clerk York along with Alderman Tichy were present when the bids were opened. The lowest bid was from Waugh Asphalt at $123,432.55 and it is recommended to the Board to award the contract to Waugh. This contract is valid even into the next fiscal year, should the work need to be extended out. Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe made a motion to award the contract to Waugh Asphalt, seconded by Alderman Isley. Motion passed 4-0

Food Truck and Restaurants as a Special Use

Tabled until next month.

ORC Report

Mr. Allred reported that the mixer was back in at the Siphon station and it is running well. It appeared that a cord was bad and that water had gotten in the cable which seemed to be the cause of all the problems. Carolina Pump Works replaced the cable and rewound the motor, making it basically brand new. Mr. Allred stated that Carolina Pump Works would be sending a bill to the Village to cover half the cost of parts. Mr. Reich and Mr. Allred agreed that between Yates construction, J.E. Harris and the Pump Manufacture the bill should be covered. The THM testing was high this time, but Burlington’s THM testing was high to. Mr. Allred spoke to Eric Davis at City of Burlington Water and they are going to allow the Village to flush water at the Kirkpatrick hydrant and not charge for the water used. The new samples will then be taken and split between two labs to ensure accurate numbers.

Mr. Allred is narrowing down the water loss to the Alamance Baptist Loop area. Mr. Allred and Mr. Reich are working together to resolve the issue. Bacteria samples are being required by the state now and Mr. Allred has been complying with that testing. Back flow prevention has been done and is good for another year.


Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to allow for 10ft setbacks for Accessory Structures

There was a request to change the text of the zoning ordinance to allow for all accessory structures in the Village to have a 10-foot side setback. There was a request from a homeowner who would like to build an accessory building in the ETJ but there is not enough space to allow for a 15-foot setback. There were two options for the homeowner, either apply for a variance or apply to amend the zoning ordinance. Clerk York recommended that the homeowner apply to change the ordinance. Mayor Tichy explained that he preferred to amend the Zoning Ordinance because the town would not be able to justify a variance. The Planning Board has met and recommended approval of the 10 foot side setback so long as that matches the county’s side setback. The only thing the board needs to do tonight is set a public hearing. Clerk York explained that the specific amendment would be to section 625, subsection 5. This current subsection allows for accessory structures only in residential areas. The amendment would specify that the accessory structure could have a 10 ft. side setback. This would only apply to accessory structures and not to the primary residence. Alderman Isley moved to hold a public hearing on Oct 23rd, 2017 and Alderman Andrews seconded. The motion carries unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York presented the Financial Report. He asked if there were any questions. An audience member requested a copy of the finance report. Clerk York explained how to read the report to the audience.


Public Comment

Mayor Tichy asked if Clerk York had received the email sent by Alderman Tichy regarding the construction trash at the end of Tradition Drive. There appears to be a broken sawhorse that needs to be cleaned up. The New section of Heritage Glen needs street lights. Clerk York will have more information on getting the lights in at the next meeting. Clerk York reported that the Senecal property is still in the process of cleaning up. They have cleaned up the wood mess and placed it into neat stacks. The junk pile still needs to be dealt with. Mr. Haney is not making progress in the cleaning up of his property. Clerk York and Mayor Tichy will make another site visit. Alderman Isley asked about the date the street repairs would begin. Mr. Reich will need to check on that and let the Board know.

An audience member asked about getting the street sings for Alamance Baptist Loop. Clerk York stated he would check on that this week. Clerk York reported that the No Outlet signs for Heritage Glen have come in. There was a question about when yard waste would be picked up. Clerk York responded it would be on Saturdays and the requirements are still the same for bundles of sticks and leaves to be bagged.

Alderman Isley moved to adjourn and Alderman Andrews seconded. The motion passed unanimously.