September 28, 2020 Minutes




September 28, 2020 – 7:00 PM


Present: Mayor Tichy, Mayor Pro Tem Sharpe, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Andrews, Alderman Tichy, Alderman Isley, Alderman Baldwin, and Clerk York.


Absent: Alderman Andrews


Mark Reich gave the invocation.


Motion to approve August 24, 2020 meeting minutes made by Alderman Tichy, seconded by Alderman Baldwin. Motion carried 5-0



Engineer Report


  1. Annexation/Water-Sewer Request from citizens on Dogwood Lane

Mr. Reich stated they are still working on the permits for Heritage Glen, phase 5. Burlington is working on getting a formal document together, to be approved by the city and the state, for water and sewer allocation to the Village. Mr. Reich is hopeful to have more information to share at the next meeting. The sewer permit needed to be updated due to accommodate the new phase.

Clerk York stated that the residents on Dogwood would need to be surveyed to see if they qualify for a grant to install the water and sewer lines. There must be a 51% majority of people in the low to moderate income range to qualify for the grant. It is a long process from start to finish. The grant would only apply to those whose income qualifies them and the other residents would need to split the cost of connecting to the water and sewer. The grant would lay the pipe to the whole area but would only cover the cost of connecting to those under the grant.


ORC Report

Mr. Allred was absent from the meeting. Clerk York stated there were no issues to report.



Finance Report/Budget Amendment

Clerk York stated the total in the bank is just over 3 million dollars. The bulk of the annual property tax came in which was about $140,000. The first Powell bill allotment will deposit on Wednesday, the total is $14,300.00 which is down about $500.

Clerk York stated that Becky Loy should be at the October meeting to go over the financial audit.

Clerk York plans to move some funds from the capitol trust account to Wells Fargo to avoid fees. The account is not accumulating much interest.



Clerk York stated he would be using some of his accumulated vacation days in the upcoming month.

The software has all been updated and the monitors for the council room should be going in soon.

The Village is still waiting approval from DOT for patching on 62.

Alderman Tichy asked if Clerk York could help find out about getting a sign made for the cemetery in Heritage Glen.



Motion made to adjourn by Alderman Tichy, seconded by Alderman Crouse. Motion carried 5-0


                                                                      Don Tichy, Mayor



___________________________________Ben York, Village Clerk