September 28th, 2015 Minutes


September 28, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro Tem Tichy, Alderman Clemmons, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Gregory, Alderman Tichy, and Clerk York

Absent: Alderman Sharpe

Alderman Crouse gave the invocation.

Mayor Pro Tem Tichy moved to approve the August 24, 2015 meeting minutes. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mark Reich reported that the contractor has started work on the project, accessing the site through the force main access route to the pump station, across the Connett property. Two large pieces of equipment are now on site, across the creek. They have cleared for the new sanitary sewer line, from the existing outfall, down to Pond Road. The contractor doing the bore underneath the river is continuing to make progress. He is not quite back to the south side. Once this is done, he will make one final pass before he pulls the pipe back through. The contractor thinks he may be finished with that portion of work in two more weeks, weather permitting. Once this is finished, the subcontractor will come back to bore underneath Pond Road. Then, work will begin on setting the wet well. Once the wet well is set, work will begin on laying the pipe up toward the existing pump station. This will be the easiest part of the job, laying the gravity sewer back up in this way. Mr. Reich stated he does not yet have a schedule from the contractor. As soon as he has the schedule, he will forward it to the Board. Mr. Reich estimated that this portion of the project should be nearing completion in 6-8 weeks.

Mr. Reich also returned to the conversation at last month’s meeting, regarding paving work. He provided estimates for Rob Shepard Drive. There is 2600 square yards of pavement. They have had success with milling off the top 1 1⁄2-2 inches, then putting 1 1⁄2 -2 inches back over the top of that. With rail gutter, if you just pave into the gutters, you lose a lot with the drainage. On that type of road, it would be best to mill off, and then put back, since the profile is very close to what is there now. The cost of this would be in the $40,000.00 range, based on bids they have received for Mebane. Mr. Reich offered to obtain some prices from the contractor. This project would have to go out for bid, because of the amount. Alderman Clemmons commented that this work would have to be done. Mr. Reich responded that more work would have to be done, at some point in time. If this is left alone for some time, it could easily cost another $20,000.00- $30,000.00 for repairing areas where water can get in. Once the process of water getting in is started, it is exponential. The road is in good enough condition to get through this winter, if the Board wishes to put this off until the spring. Mr. Reich suggested this not be left for 2 or 3 more winters before action is taken. Alderman Clemmons asked about the other roads. Mr. Reich stated that Cardinal Lane could also use some work, with some areas needing patching. Most of the roads in Heritage Glen are still in reasonably good condition. Clerk York added that he received a call about an area on Freedom Drive. The caller stated the road was starting to separate some, in this area. Alderman Gregory commented that this was occurring. Mr. Reich asked Clerk York to forward this address to him. He will take a look at it. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy relayed that it was on the northbound side of Freedom Drive, traveling Brookstone to Freedom. The top of the asphalt has slipped a few inches, and it looks like it is getting worse. It is not a crack problem. Alderman Clemmons suggested the Board needed a good image of where they are with the roads. Mayor Bundren added the Board needed pricing for all of the work. Alderman Clemmons reminded that this is the purpose of the Powell Bill funds. It makes sense to take care of these needs. Alderman Clemmons asked Alderman Crouse if there was time to take care of this work this year. Alderman Crouse stated that December 15th would be the cutoff date. Mr. Reich commented that the best time to pave is from May 1st until October 15th. There is better compaction, the temperature is warmer, and the asphalt stays together better. The result is a better finished product when the temperature is warmer. When the temperatures are at 40-50 degrees, you’re near the threshold. It is better if the temperature is 60 degrees or above. Alderman Clemmons expressed the concern about prices going up. He asked if asphalt has decreased in pricing, along with petroleum. Mr. Reich informed that they had worked on a contract for the City of Mebane, earlier this year. The price for asphalt was $112.00 a ton. He opened bids for another contract extension, and the price had dropped down to $85.00 a ton. A higher quantity was involved. The smaller quantity hurts the Village some. There is a huge difference between 5,000 tons of asphalt and 300 tons. Mayor Bundren spoke about the tight timeframe, and asked if the Board could consider this as a “go ahead”, with Mr. Reich providing pricing for the Board. Alderman Crouse responded that contractors would be tied up now; this had to be considered too. This would be a key factor. Mr. Reich pointed out he could only get two contractors to bid on the first project in Mebane, as mentioned earlier. Alderman Clemmons added that it seems it would be better to do the work in the spring anyway. Mayor Bundren asked that this be put on the agenda. Mr. Reich promised to provide further information.

Planning Board Vacancy

Mayor Pro Tem Tichy asked whether the Board wished to appoint Sherry Ford to the Planning Board. Mayor Bundren asked if there were any others interested. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy responded that he hadn’t been able to obtain another commitment for the vacancy. Alderman Dan Tichy responded likewise. Alderman Clemmons commented that Sherry Ford has expressed interest, and no doubt, has a great love for the Village, particularly the historical area. Alderman Clemmons made the motion to accept Sherry Ford’s request to serve on the Planning Board. Alderman Gregory seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred reported on the current situation with the Cabin Pump Station. Both pump #1 and pump #2 are in the well, and they are pumping. Pump #2 will not pump by itself because of the impeller problem, as discussed in the recent emails. The impeller will be in the shop by October 5th. Shortly after that, it should be installed. Then, pump #2 will be pulled out and the new impeller will be put on it. They will need to try it, and make sure it will work, as is. The cost will be $6,000.00. The other pump has water in the oil. It is a matter of time before that pump takes out a bearing. If the pump was pulled out, and all that was done was to put the seals in, with the bearings in good shape, the cost would be $3,000.00. Mr. Allred and Mr. Reich have discussed the timetable of the siphon project. It will be close; there could be some problems, especially going into a wet season. During this time, they did get a bypass piping system put it. If something catastrophic happens, they can pump around that station. Jerry already has this set up. Mayor Bundren asked about the daily cost for the pump around. Mr. Allred responded that this is a self-sustaining pump. It will turn the motor on and off. The Village will need to supply the diesel fuel for it. Someone would need to stay with Jerry’s pump, which would be very expensive. It is now set up, that they can do either one, with the pump around set up at that station. Mr. Allred expressed that it would be a good idea to go ahead and repair the pump. The timetable is not good, but it will be mid-October before the other pump is put in. Then, it may be December before the other pump can be pulled out and put back. Mayor Bundren asked Mr. Reich about the completion time for the project. Mr. Reich replied it would be at least two months, depending on whether or not they hit rock underneath the bore. They won’t know this until the bore is started. This is an unknown, providing a little more risk. Mr. Allred added that in a couple of weeks of bypass pumping, the other pump would be repaired. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy asked if they had the seals for the other pump. Mr. Allred referred to Clerk York. Clerk York said the seals were ordered ahead of time. Mr. Allred stated that if the impeller was placed on pump #2, they won’t need the bypass. Mayor Bundren clarified the total cost of $6000.00, plus an additional $3000.00. Mr. Allred added if something catastrophic happens, costs could be a minimum of $1500.00 per week. This is if nothing runs into the creek. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy addressed what would happen if they lost the pump that was doing the pumping right now. Mr. Allred responded they could pull the pump and do some bypass pumping. This would still be expensive, to do a week of bypass pumping. Mr. Allred also addressed the repair of the sewer line on Cardinal Lane. Rusty Saxon found the crack in the 6 inch pipe that is suspended across the creek. The crack was 20 feet, all along the side. The potential was for sewage to go into the creek. However, it did not. Jerry looked at it, and this has been repaired today. Regarding the distribution system, Mr. Allred now has his certification for cross connection. He will start working on an ordinance, which the Village will need for cross connection. He will work on this, in the next couple of months. The Village is getting close to having enough cross connections in town to have an ordinance. Mr. Allred announced that a new individual will be joining their group. He has been working with Mr. Allred for 5 years and has completed all his certification. He will begin checking the pump station once a month. His name is Russell Kahle. Mr. Allred will bring him to the October meeting. Mr. Kahle works with Mr. Allred in Franklinville every day, as his backup. Mayor Bundren thanked Mr. Allred for his report.

There was no further Old Business.


Reimbursement Request From The Village to ANCO and Associates

Mayor Bundren referred to the offer from ANCO. Clerk York pointed out that ANCO is offering to pay half of the cost involved, which was $2190.00. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy made the motion to accept the offer of one half the cost from ANCO and Associates. Alderman Crouse seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Board Consideration of Joining 811

Clerk York pointed out the cost involved for the Village to join the 811 system. The cost is 83 cents per notification. Clerk York can have it set up to call more than one person. Every time they make a call to inform of something happening in this particular area, the cost is $0.83. Clerk York will receive an email notification at the Town Hall and via telephone. Mayor Bundren asked if the cost included both sources. Clerk York confirmed there is just one charge per notification. Updates of locates must be done regularly, every 15 days. For a project this large for ANCO, they would have called in and wanted everything marked. They wouldn’t have gotten everything done in the first week. After two weeks, they have to call in again and give the Village an opportunity to update the markings. Mr. Reich said projects could be broken up into tickets. For example, the entire subdivision of Heritage Glen might be 20 tickets. Each ticket would cost $0.83. Alderman Crouse reminded that when they locate, it will not be water/sewer services. It will be notification that the Village has to mark. Clerk York will find some way to get it marked. Mr. Allred said a 72-hour notice will be given, unless it is an emergency. Clerk York added that he can get Jerry to mark for the new section. Alderman Dan Tichy called attention to the problems of locating the plastic piping. Mr. Allred observed that this was the case, unless there is tracing wire on the piping. Some piping in Heritage Glen does have tracing wire. Mr. Allred pointed out there is no way to locate the laterals, to the end of the house, which is what was hit. Clerk York added that, basically, this is guesswork. Alderman Clemmons stated that you could take a plan like Alley Williams draws up to show where the water/sewer service should be, per lot. Mr. Reich added that, when they do an “as built,” they locate the water meters. The meter reader should be a good resource. Generally speaking, the sewer is going to be near the water, though not always. You have to look for the clean-outs. Mayor Bundren asked about the tracing wire. Mr. Allred pointed out that this tracing wire is on the main lines. Mr. Reich added that the only thing they mark is from the meter to the road; they do not mark from the meter to the house. Clerk York responded to the question of what was hit by ANCO. There were two places: water service at Rudy Cartassi’s house and sewer service in front of Mr. Hunt’s house. Mr. Allred asked which side of the clean-out they were on, when they hit it. Clerk York replied they were between the road and the clean-out, in both instances. Alderman Dan Tichy observed that they also hit the Time-Warner Cable utility service, as well. Clerk York reported that, with the new state law passed in 2013, the Village will be required to be on 811 by October 1, 2016. If not on 811, after October 1, 2016, the Village is completely liable. Mr. Allred pointed out that the burden is on Clerk York to mark water/sewer lines when he doesn’t know where they are located. Clerk York added that this is the larger issue. He would rather have someone do this, who is used to marking, and doing it correctly. He can ask Jerry to do the mains; however, he is expensive. Mr. Allred confirmed that he would be glad to do the marking, but it is “guesstamation” at best. Mr. Reich informed that you have 30 inches on either side. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if there was something that could be done for future houses being constructed. Mr. Allred responded there could be tracer line on everything. Alderman Dan Tichy asked if this should be an ordinance. Mr. Reich noted tracer line had been put on the mains, but not on the service lines, in the new subdivision. Mayor Bundren asked if the Village could require the tracer lines on everything. Mr. Reich confirmed this could be required. Mr. Allred stated this should be done. Alderman Crouse commented this would be extra insurance. Clerk York asked about the cost of locator equipment. Mr. Allred replied that locator equipment is expensive. Jerry just spent $5000.00 for a new set. Mr. Allred stated, again, that he would be glad to do the marking, but reminded it would be guesswork. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy commented that if the Village misses it, they fix it. At least this way, if marking had been done, ANCO would have been totally liable for these two instances. Attorney Koonts suggested the tracer wiring be part of the Village’s policy. It can be written into the requirements already in place. This would really be engineering specifications. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy made the motion that this be policy, going forward, to have the tracer lines on mains and laterals. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Alderman Dan Tichy raised the related question of keeping the sewer meters out of the driveways. Clerk York asked Mr. Reich if this could be the same requirement of engineering, going forward. Mr. Reich referred to design standards. This could be added to the list of “yes” and “no” questions on the form that the Village uses. Attorney Koonts stated this is the same kind of design specification that needs to be included. Mr. Allred added there are several blow-offs in driveways. Alderman Crouse pointed out that cul-de-sacs are the worst, because of less frontage. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy suggested that a letter be sent to D.R. Horton, stating the Village will not approve any further construction with these concerns.

Mayor Pro Tem Tichy asked if a motion had been made to accept the membership for 811. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy made the motion to join 811. Alderman Dan Tichy seconded. The motion passed unanimously

City/County Meeting October 15. Village of Alamance Is Hosting.

Mayor Bundren expressed that she hoped all of the Board members were planning to attend the City/County meeting in October, being hosted by the Village of Alamance. She confirmed the location of Lake MacIntosh. Clerk York observed the meeting time of 6:00pm, with the meal being served at 6:30pm. The program will begin at 6:45pm or 7:00pm. Mayor Bundren asked about hors d’oeuvres. Clerk York reported that they have not been having hors d’oeuvres at the meetings. Mayor Pro Tem Tichy added they did not serve these at the last meeting.

Finance Report

Clerk York noted the total interest of $8300.00 earned on CDs over the last twelve months. The last CD that matured earned $615.00 in interest. The new CD was deposited at .95%. Interest rates for the CDs have been going up. Clerk York reported that he received a phone call from Capital Management Trust, before the over market committee met; they believe interest rates will be raised. Clerk York called attention to the fund balances, as noted on the Finance Report. Powell Bill funds available for expenditure are approximately $186,000. These funds are included in the General Fund balance. The Village receives two Powell Bill deposits per year now, in September and January. In past years, the September deposit has been about $27,000.00. It may be increased this year, because the new road has not been put in. This gives the Board a rough estimate on the Powell Bill funds available, approximately $213,000.00. Clerk York also mentioned the Water & Sewer Maintenance line item. This is the line item for which any kind of water leaks or maintenance for pump stations is budgeted. This year, $49,000.00 has been budgeted; $24,000.00 remains. Half of this line has already been expended for repairs. Arnold Allred is also paid from this budget line. Clerk York noted the total upcoming expenditures, including payment to the ORC, of $26,500.00. There is a balance of $22,400.00 remaining in the budget line to meet these expenditures over the rest of the year. A budget amendment will need to be made at some point. Clerk York is considering adding an extra $14,000.00 to this budget line. This would provide an available $5,000.00 for sewer repairs, $5,000.00 for water repairs, and $4000.00 for any other items that might arise. Mayor Bundren asked if the budget amendment needed to be done now. Clerk York responded that the budget amendment did not need to be done now. He just wanted to inform the Board of this future action that will be needed. The amendment could be done at either the October or November meeting. When this is done, it will involve the Water & Sewer Fund Balance. There is approximately $270,000.00 in that line. Funds would be taken from this line. Alderman Clemmons reminded the Board that, as they work on the budget next year, the enterprise fund must take care of itself. He referred to an Associated Press article in today’s Times-News newspaper. The article is about aging water and sewer systems in the country. The Village needs to maintain what it has. Mayor Bundren added that when the siphon system is in place, they can do away with two of the pumps that continually need maintenance. Clerk York pointed out that the Village will not have to borrow from the General Fund. He said the Board has done a good job in terms of the rates. There is a good balance now.


There was no other business.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Alderman Crouse moved to adjourn and Alderman Gregory seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.