October 25th, 2010 Minutes


October 25, 2010 – 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Bundren, Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe, Alderman Jones, Alderman Crouse, Alderman Slaughter, Alderman Clemmons, Alderman Tichy, Clerk York

Alderman Clemmons gave the invocation.


Plaid Day

Clerk York said that he would like to start planning Plaid Day earlier this year. Anyone is welcome to be on the committee. Clerk York said that he would serve as chair unless someone else would like to serve in that position.

CDBG Project

Mark Reich said that the contractor has cleared the outfall and put in the erosion controls. He has hit rock and will have to blast the rock in order to clear the area. Anyone who lives within 500 feet of the blast site will be notified. Alderman Jones asked if land where work is being completed had been purchased. Mr. Reich said that easements had been purchased. Alderman Jones asked if it was possible to avoid the rock. Mr. Reich said that it would be hard to avoid rock but they will do what they can to avoid it if possible. Alderman Jones asked if the blasting will be loud. Mr. Reich said that blasting will be covered and the shots would be delayed.

On the subject of the budget amendment, Clerk York said that he needed to go over the amendment with Michael Walser. He asked that the amendment be tabled until the next meeting.

Second Connection Project

Mr. Reich said that the project has been completed. He presented the final adjusting change order for the project. This change order adjusts the budget to reflect the actual amounts spent for the project. The final construction costs came in $35, 275 below the original budgeted amount. Alderman Tichy mentioned a typo in the last line of the change order. The word “unchanged” should be changed to “decreased.” Alderman Tichy moved to approve the final change order with the correction included. Alderman Clemmons seconded, the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Reich said that he also needed Mayor to sign the certificate of substantial completion. There will also be one final reimbursement request.

Report on Cabin Pump Station Project

Mr. Reich presented cost estimates for eliminating the Cabin pump station and gravity feeding sewer to Hwy 62. He increased the amount for boring under the creek by $40,000. The total estimate for this project was $316,000. This is a reflection of his experience with the bore required for the second connection project, which took longer and cost more than expected. He also presented an estimate for eliminating the Hwy 62 pump station. The estimate was for $235,000. If the Village decided to undertake this project, they would need to review the as-built drawings to determine the depth of the sanitary line coming into the Village. If Burlington’s line is higher than the Village’s, then a siphon system will not work. Mayor Bundren asked if one should be done before the other. Mr. Reich said that the Cabin Pump station project should be completed first. Although it is possible to complete the Hwy 62 pump station first.

Clerk York said that he has spoken with Allen Hart of USDA. He will try to set up a meeting in the next couple of weeks. Mayor Bundren asked if we had any idea as to the amount of grant the Village might receive. Clerk York said that Mr. Sadler, our previous contact at USDA, had not been able to provide a number. Our meeting with Allen Hart might shed some light on this.

Snow Removal

Clerk York presented three quotes for snow removal from Phil Yarborough, CJ Utilities, and Carl Norris Construction. Clerk York recommended Phil Yarborough. First, Mr. Yarborough has a snow plow as opposed to a wheel loader, which was offered by the other two contractors. Mr. Yarborough’s proposal was for $150 per hour per snow plow. A snow plow is more efficient in terms of snow removal than a wheel loader. Alderman Crouse asked if he has a snow plow or a pickup truck that has been modified to be a snow plow. Clerk York said that Mr. Yarborough has a professional snow plow. The costs would be covered by the Powell Bill. Alderman Crouse asked if we would be first in line for snow removal. Clerk York said that Mr. Yarborough assured him that someone would be mobilized to the town if it snowed. Alderman Tichy moved to hire Phil Yarborough and Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe seconded. The Motion carried unanimously.

Hwy 62 Pump Station

Clerk York said the pump station had been re-wired to its original design. The cost was $850. Everything was working fine. Clerk York then mentioned the quote from Charles Underwood to construct a plate that would bolt onto the check valve to allow for bypass pumping. The plate would be installed only if bypass pumping was needed. Alderman Jones asked how we would know if the plate did not bolt correctly to the check valve. Arnold Allred said that the plate would be installed to check that it correctly fit.

ORC Report

Arnold Allred said that one of the pumps at the Birch Station was pumping slower than normal. It is probably some trash that will blow out soon. Mr. Allred then proceeded to explain the process that allowed him to find the major water leak the system has been experiencing for sometime. The large leak was on Cardinal Lane. The leak came from a service line that had been bent at the time it was placed into service. Mr. Allred found the leak by turning valves to isolate the area where the leak was eventually found. He also looked extensively at CT Nassau and determined that the leak was not coming from that fire flow. Currently, the old water line is servicing the area from Kirkpatrick road to Cabin Road. Everything beyond Cabin Road is being serviced by the new connection. Alderman Crouse said that when leaks are found the lines will be replaced with copper. Alderman Crouse said that the Fire Department would begin the valve exercise program. Mr. Reich said that they should be mindful of fire flows when exercising the valves. Alderman Crouse asked Mr. Reich to update the map to include the new water line.

Alderman Tichy asked Mr. Allred what percentage of the water leaks he thinks they have found. Mr. Allred said that the Cardinal Lane leak reduced our loss significantly. He had seen 60 gallons per minute flowing into the Village before and now sees 40 gallons per minute flowing. Alderman Tichy asked if there was a leak at the creek. Mr. Allred said that there was not a leak at the creek.


Appointment of Representative for ABC Permits

Clerk York said that the Village needs to appoint someone to sign off on ABC permits. The individual has the authority to sign the application. The signature certifies that the Village does not object to selling Alcohol on the premises in question, nor does the Village object to the individual applying for the permit. Clerk York said that any member of the Board could be appointed. Clerk York could also be appointed. Mayor Bundren said that it should be someone who knows everyone. Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe nominated Clerk York to serve as the representative for ABC permits. Alderman Jones seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Code of Ethics

Attorney Bateman presented a Code of Ethics to the Board at the previous meeting. The state requires all municipalities to pass an Ethics ordinance before the end of the year. Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe moved to approve the Code of Ethics and Alderman Jones seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Sewer Assessments

Clerk York said that he has letters and amortization schedules for each assessment. The accountant’s spreadsheet only goes back to 2004. He needs payment info from before that time so that he can match each payment to the current amount received and balance owed. He is looking through the physical records as he does not have the password to access the old QuickBooks system. The accountant is also looking through her records to review payment history. Mayor Bundren asked Clerk York to make sure that this does not fall by the wayside as it did before. Clerk York said that he would stay on top of it. Alderman Jones asked Attorney Bateman if the Village could still collect on these assessments. Attorney Bateman said that if the assessments were part of an assessment roll, then the roll would constitute a lien on the property.

Clerk York said that he has notices that informed the property owner that an assessment roll was going to be made, but he does not have the assessment roll. Alderman Jones asked if there had not been an assessment roll and the property was transferred, would the Village still be able to collect the assessment. Attorney Bateman said that any new owner would conduct a title search prior to purchasing a piece of property. This would involve checking with the City to confirm if there was an assessment against the property. Alderman Jones asked if interest that had accrued over the last few years would still be collectable. Attorney Bateman said that it would.

Budget Amendment

Clerk York said that amendment was in regards to Plaid Day. Expenses will exceed the budgeted amount by $210. The amendment raises the approved amount by $210 to cover that difference. Mayor Bundren asked how much revenue was raised for Plaid Day this year. Clerk York said that the Village took in $3,219. Expenses totaled $5,208.67. Mayor Bundren said that the lady who won the IPAD had contacted the Village. She was sent a certified letter which she signed for. Clerk York said that the winner was scheduled to come in that week and pick up her prize. Alderman Clemmons moved to approve the amendment and Alderman Jones seconded. The Motion carried unanimously.

Finance Report

Clerk York presented the finance report to the Board. Seeing no questions, the Board moved to the next item on the agenda.

Jordan Lake Riparian Buffer Ordinance

Clerk York said that the state had approved the Village’s Riparian Buffer Ordinance. This is the same ordinance that was passed last year. The Board needs to hold a public hearing before Nov. 9th to approve the ordinance. Mark Reich said that Josh Johnson of Alley, Williams, Carmen, and King, had provided a map of the stream buffers as well as additional copies of the ordinance. Mr. Reich pointed out the streams identified by the

Division of Water Quality. There may be other streams not identified on the map. If a new stream was identified, it would have to be approved as a stream by the state before being identified. Alderman Clemmons asked if those property owners living along identified streams would be grandfathered in. In other words, would they be allowed to continue to maintain the land as they have in the past? Mr. Reich said that they would. Alderman Clemmons moved to hold a special meeting and public hearing for Monday, November 8, 2010 at 6pm and Alderman Tichy seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Other Business

Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe asked what the Board would like to do to hire a part-time clerical employee. Mayor Bundren asked how many hours Cathy had been working each week. Clerk York said that she had worked one eight hour day each week, however, the position would better serve the Town by working two, five-hour days each week. He said that he needs someone who can process checks and prepare deposits as well as assist customers that come in with questions about their water bill. Alderman Clemmons said that it was Clerk York’s responsibility to manage the employee’s time. Clerk York said that he has had three people ask him about employment opportunities in the Village. Alderman Jones asked if any of them seemed like good candidates. Clerk York said that one seemed promising. Alderman Jones asked if that person lived in the Village. Clerk York said that that person did live in the Village. Mayor Bundren said that she thought that the Board had decided not to hire someone from within the Village. She said that hiring someone from inside the Town could lead to conflicts if problems ever came up. Alderman Jones asked what was meant by conflict. Alderman Tichy said that an employee that has access to personal information contained in the Utility Billing system could present a conflict. He does not have a problem if we believe the person is trustworthy. Alderman Jones asked Clerk York what he thought about hiring someone from within the Village. Clerk York said that he doesn’t have a problem with hiring someone from inside the Village. He said that hiring someone depends on the person. Mayor Bundren said that her reason for not hiring from within was that since we are such a small community, if an employment problem arose, and we had to fire someone that is their neighbor, it would create a problem. There is no need to create a problem. It was the consensus of the Board that Clerk York should find someone and bring them to the Board.

Clerk York said that there is a mobile home park on Pond Road. This would require a 2- inch connection and a master meter. There are twenty units. The owner would be required to pay a flat fee for each unit. They would have to pay double water rates. They have an existing two inch meter that feeds water from a well to the mobile home park. The owner wants to become part of the Village’s water system so that he can stop monitoring his water. Mr. Reich said that they may still have to monitor some. Clerk York had spoken with C&J Utilities. The total cost would be $7,000. This includes an RPZ backflow preventer, which is required by the state for all two inch taps. Alderman Jones said that he didn’t think we should charge a separate flat fee per lot. Attorney Bateman said that it is standard to have one master meter and charge per unit for

Multi-unit residencies. Clerk York said the alternative is to run a meter to each unit. Although this would cause the owner to have to pay a separate tap and impact fee for both. Attorney Bateman said that it is advantageous to have them on one meter because we don’t want to have to enter someone else’s property to do a repair. It should be the Village’s policy to require a multi-family residence to have one master meter. He said that the owner’s are aware of the fees and are ready to tap on. He will get prices from other contractors and bring them back to the Board.

Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe mentioned a small shed that is located behind her neighbor’s property. The property owners throw their trash and other things in there and she would like to know if anything could be done about it. Clerk York asked Attorney Bateman what he was legally allowed to do in this situation. Attorney Bateman said that we may be able to make them clean it up. She asked Clerk York to come by and she would show it to him.

Clerk York said that the new population was certified as 709 people. This is a result of the Mayor asking the Clerk to count the population last July. Our Powell Bill allotment increased from $13,740 to $19,641. Sales tax receipts increased from $6,600 to $10,131 this past month. At this rate, the amount of sales and use tax received could more than double from the previous year. Mayor Bundren stated that that is why she wanted it done.

Alderman Tichy said the state is adding a left turn lane for the direction approaching the school from Heritage Glen. The residents in Heritage Glen and the state have been talking to the school about getting more residents onto the school and off the road. They hope to have the road paved before it gets too cold, if not they will finish it by springtime.

Alderman Crouse mentioned two cracks in the parking lot that need to be sealed before the winter. Mr. Reich said that the Village should think about getting a contract with a company to seal cracks throughout the Village. There is some block cracking that could be addressed. Mr. Reich said that an informal contract could be put together for a contractor to come in and address the cracks. Alderman Crouse moved to have Mr. Reich create an informal contract and then proceed to hire a paving company to fill the cracks in the Village’s streets. Mayor Pro-Tem Sharpe seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Alderman Clemmons asked when Heritage Glen was doing Halloween. Clerk York said that Mrs. Casella was directing it this year and that it would be done on Saturday. Alderman Clemmons said that he hopes people show up on Saturday and not Sunday. Mayor Bundren said that the Board could designate Saturday as the day to Trick-or-Treat.

Alderman Clemmons moved to adjourn and Aldermen Tichy seconded. The motion carried unanimously.